Truth Frequency Radio

Jun 02, 2015

By Brandon Turbeville

On May 25, when a large explosion took place in Latakia, Syria, a few mainstream media outlets covered the incident from the angle of it being yet one more sign that the Syrian regime was losing its grip on power. This explosion was followed by a huge yellow plume of smoke that caused many informed observers to wonder whether or not the explosion was that of a chemical weapon.

On the chemical weapons question, however, the mainstream Western press was silent.

This is despite the fact that the media clearly sees the sign of yellow smoke as the indication of chemical weapons use, which it subsequently uses to blame Bashar al-Assad and gin up support for US invasion when those explosions take place in certain areas or have deleterious results for the death squads. After all, when a missile/explosion was detonated in Dara (Dera’ah), Dr. Annie Sparrow, a “health activist” married to the head of Human Rights Watch, Kenneth Roth, claimed that a chlorine-based chemical weapon had been detonated by the Assad regime (who else?). Sparrow’s photograph showed a plume of yellow smoke that looked identical to that in Latakia.


Indeed, her husband’s HRW organization has also made statements suggesting that yellow colored smoke was an indication of the use of chlorine-based chemical weapons.
Yet, while there was widespread condemnation (despite a stunning lack of evidence and plenty of evidence to the contrary) of the Assad regime as a result of her claims, why isn’t Sparrow or HRW condemning the terrorists who detonated a missile/chlorine based weapon in Latakia?
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