Jan 26, 2014

canada-explosion-natural-gas-pipeline-truth-frequency-radio-chris-geo-sheree-geo-alternative-media-news-informationAccording to the CBC, thousands of Canadians are left in the dark, without heat (in sub-zero temperatures), after a natural gas pipeline exploded yesterday.

According to witnesses:

There were “massive 200 to 300 metre high flames just shooting out of the ground and it literally sounded like a jet plane. And that’s the thing that really got us, was the sound of it.”

Another one said:

“I thought there was a fire, but the way it lit the sky, it was like the sun coming up. The only thing is it was flashing. It would get brighter, get dim, get brighter, go dim. It lit up the whole sky here for half an hour.”

Because over 4,000 residents are braving sub-zero temperatures without access to heat or power, a state of emergency has been issued. To help them cope, the city has opened up warming centers.

There is still no explanation as to why the TransCanada pipeline exploded.