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AIRED: 02-06-2021

in hour 1 friend of show Reverend /Pastor David William Parry joins the discussion to announce our Nephilim Anthropology Conference taking place in the UK on April 24th 2021, both Ra and David will be 2 on the panel of 11 keynote speakers at this event. Also they discuss Various legends of Giants in Celtic folklore . In hour 2 Ra Castaldo discusses certain premonitions he has recieved in life both during dreams and while in a waking state, some of them about his best friend drowning tragically. also discussed is the Copper Serpent of Moses and using Copper to get to a higher harmonic frequency . Ra shares some of his telepathic communications with the Cosmic Consciousness


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AIRED: 02-25-2023

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AIRED: 11-19-2022

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AIRED: 10-08-2022