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AIRED: 03-03-2018

Like in the Days of Enoch , the Watchers or Grigori, still come down into this dimension, into the mountains,…but most don’t believe, don’t care, think its crazy talk or don’t understand whats going on. But why are they here???? Who are they??? In the first hour Ra discusses his recent encounter with these beings and what he discovered they are doing in the mountains. How he was chased by the ‘Dark Ones” and about the spiritual war taking place in this multiverse!!! Ra also discussed King Solomon and the testament of Solomon… Dont miss this …cuz hour two was just as great… Hour 2 Ra brings on tonight’s guest Robert Phoenix who is an expert Astrologer. Robert talks of the recent horrific school shooting tragedy and how he linked this to the Childrens crusade of 1212 . They analyze the key people in this tragedy and the evil forces behind it all. See what may be in the stars for us …check out tonights guest at his website below and check Ra out at


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Ra Castaldo and Eye of Ra regular guest Gary Wayne go deep down the spiral of the Knights Templar, aka the Children of Solomon and how they rediscovered ancient technology in the 12th century that led to them making the group of Notre Dame Cathedrals in France. Minds will be blown as they discuss the...

AIRED: 05-18-2019

dont miss this info ...

AIRED: 05-11-2019

Ra does an instant classic and revealed never before stated things about the Vatican Priesthood…with 15 min left of show he got zapped , his internet and electric in his house for a moment was taken out and skype was removed from pc and he had to re download….intense info here !!!!enter at your own...

AIRED: 05-04-2019

tonights show was soooo intense ! So much info from the Cathedrals of Notre Dame, the Chartres Cathedral of Notre Dame to the island of Malta we really dive into so much tonight inside the eye of Ra including Spirituals technology of the Ancients , the Children of Solomon, the knights Templar and hermetic alchemy...

AIRED: 04-27-2019

amazing discussion will update later ...

AIRED: 04-20-2019