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Mar 11, 2021

Microsoft edge opens ok I go to settings and click open with start page but every time it does not hold this instruction and closes then I reenter and open again and start page is not there. Pretty much every user preference or setting configured via Edge’s user interface is stored in the registry. Let’s say, you dismiss Edge’s multiple tabs close warning dialog box with the “do not show again” checkbox enabled. If you want to reset Edge so that your cookies, browsing history, and cache are reset, click the Reset button.

Unlike other modern web browsers, you cannot just manually enter the URL of the search engine you want to use in the settings. Instead, Microsoft Edge, for some mysterious reason, requires you to visit the search engine page to discover the search provider before it becomes available as an option in the settings page. Similar to most web browsers, Microsoft Edge is just a gateway to access the World Wide Web, but it happens to use Bing as the default search engine when you type a query in the address bar. However, you can customize it to use Google, DuckDuckGo, and even Facebook as your default search engine, or anything else, as long it’s designed to use OpenSearch technology. At the time, Microsoft didn’t explain the cause of the crashes and why it only impacted Edge with Google as the default. However, after fixing the bug it did advise users to “revert your browser settings that you may have changed” to avoid the crashes.

How To Uninstall Microsoft Edge Chromium (windows And Mac)

At the Settings screen, turn on the option to Allow Edge to Access Microphone and then return to Edge. Tap the microphone icon again and speak the address or keyword or phrase you want to find. Some browsers allow users to close all browsing tabs on exit. If you want to obtain such a feature in Microsoft Edge, this functionality is for you. By default, Microsoft Edge uses Bing as the default search engine. If you do not like to use it and want to opt for Google or something else, here is see these helpful hints what you should do.

After all, Microsoft edge has become really unstable for some users. If you are using a mobile device, please ensure you are running the latest software and that there aren’t any apps running in the background. We conducted initial browser testing on a Pixel 3 running Android 9 Pie, though your experience won’t differ all that much from phone to phone.


And again, the six-weeks release cycle means that the browser should get new features much more frequently. Previously, Edge only got new features with the bi-annual Windows 10 updates. Microsoft released a stable version of its new Chromium-based Edge browser back in January, and we already knew that the company was planning to roll it out to all Windows 10 users. Setting up Microsoft Edge for the first time is a straightforward process. When you first launch the new Edge, you’re taken through a setup wizard that lets you import bookmarks and settings from other browsers, as well as helps you set up the sync process between devices. Although Chrome and Edge are both perfectly adequate browsers, we take every chance we get to recommend Vivaldi for Windows 10 devices.

  • Edge will not list a search engine until you have visited its site first, so click over to Google’s homepage before changing Edge’s search engine.
  • Browsers like Google Chrome or Edge come with simple download systems.
  • The new Edge is based on the Chromium engine, which is the same engine used by Google Chrome browser.
  • Most home users will end up running the latest feature update to Windows 10 within a few months of its release.
  • Anyone already using Chrome isn’t going to move over to Edge when it offers no advantages.
  • All releases to date have been Alpha, Beta or fixes for said Alpha/Beta.