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Chris Geo
Jul 03, 2013

nbp-monday-e1333363531826I promised myself I wouldn’t get sucked up in the “Trayvon Martin Fiasco”, but I did! I watched several hours of testimony, some pre-trial videos, and some mainstream media coverage in between the time of the shooting until now. There is really only one conclusion that I can draw from this and that is no matter what happens, your second amendment will be trampled upon once again.

I have absolutely no problem with Florida’s “Stand Your Ground Law” ;  In fact, I was shocked to find that not all States have similar statutes. However, given Obama’s track record of stomping out your liberty and his all out assault against the Constitution, it’s clear to see the agenda behind the US Justice Department’s intervention. At first I thought, “eh, it’s just a black president trying to give the impression that he’s standing up for a black kid” but of course, that was a foolish perspective. The real problem-reaction-solution is two-fold, really.

As detailed in the last article about this case, the racial “divide and conquer” technique is in full effect, with the rule of law being ignored. Just to sum it up: Trayvon Martin’s actions fell well within the Florida Stand Your Ground law, while George Zimmerman’s violated criminal law. George Zimmerman stalked, harassed, and then chased Martin and attempted to hold him at gunpoint. Had Zimmerman respected Martin’s right to walk down the street freely, uninterrupted, his right to wear a hoodie in the rain and his right to feel secure, this would have been avoided. However, Zimmerman chose to violate his rights by chasing him in his vehicle, then chasing him on foot when Martin realized he was being followed and started running. Seems pretty open and shut to me. If someone was chasing me with their truck then got out and chased me on foot, you can bet I would be on the defensive (at the very least).

However, the mainstream media, the Obama Administration and the US Justice Department do not care about some ghetto kid who was killed. Obama kills American children ALL THE TIME! What they care about is getting rid of this pesky “open carry” statute, tightening up “concealed carry” permits and getting rid of the “Stand Your Ground Law”.

As we’ve seen dozens and dozens of times before from schoolkids standing up to bullies to people defending their property, the Federal Government believes that anyone who stands up should be punished. BPA and other chemicals have been injected into the food to feminize men, there is a vegetarian agenda to discourage men from eating meat (thus weakening and  pacifying them), and if you do choose to eat meat you’re pumped up with growth hormones that feminize you anyway! Women are told to “defecate or urinate” upon themselves in the event they ARE facing a rapist and told to ask hostile invaders to “leave nicely” by 9-11 dispatchers. Luckily for us, the human spirit is hard to break and we also get reports of girls as young as 12 years old using their parents’ firearms to ward off intruders. Meanwhile in California, children are brutally attacked and murdered because the law forces parents to “lock up their guns” and the kids can’t get to them to protect themselves.

obama-race-warSo how can the US Justice Department get the guns out of the American peoples’ hands? You guessed it. RACE WAR! Obama must be a Charles Manson fan because this problem-reaction-solution  is right out of his prophetic playbook.  So what’s the game plan?

According to thousands of tweets and Facebook posts, people have threatened George Zimmerman with a fatal beating and the people of South Florida have actually had regular visits from police, asking them to hand over their guns and to “please not riot”. You can’t make this stuff up! A race war is definitely brewing in South Florida and the Obama Administration is foaming at the mouth, just waiting to take a nice chunk out of your right to bear arms!

Forget about the fact that Obama is officially wanted for War Crimes by South Africa, and had to spend upwards of $100 million dollars to go to Africa (the majority of which was security and paying off officials and police I’m sure, since they were calling for his head on a silver platter) and NSA’s Prism has been revealed to the public and the rest of the world’s leaders are scrutinizing the US over it (not to mention he officially named the people of the US as the enemy when he charged Edward Snowden with espionage, aka aiding the enemy).

Here is the double-edged sword with Zimmerman: He needs to be convicted of murder to send a clear message to these neighborhood watch participants, security guards and anyone claiming to have “authority”. That message, of course, is that you have NO authority and you have no ku-xlargemore of a right to violate someone else’s rights than anyone else has to violate yours. But if he’s found not guilty (which is where I see this heading because the law always gets thrown to the side, even though it’s been demonstrated that he is in complete and total violation of several laws), all hell is going to break loose: gun control is going to move forward and YOU will ultimately be the victim (along with the blacks, Mexicans and other non-whites playing the role of pawn when they start rioting over the not-guilty verdict).

But even if they do find Zimmerman guilty, the plan is still clear: They’ll use this as a reason why they must dissolve that pesky “Stand Your Ground” statute and take the guns out of the hands of citizens. Either way, we’re screwed. But I’m leaning more towards the big pay off for the New World Order on this one and that is the not-guilty verdict ; Which means race war, gun grabs, martial law and more police state.