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AIRED: 12-16-2017

In the first hour Ra drops some serious info……He discusses the holographic universe , the axis mundi, the cosmic tree and entities that one must deal with when trying to access information inside this universe. These entities are called the Fae, and these are the Fae chronicles…. Also Ra unveils some Etruscan mythology about the mysterious 9 Gods and the myth of the Raven. Hour two is when tonights guest joins the Eye of Ra …..Christopher Garetano almost didn’t make tonight’s show and mentioned he may be under sum sort of spiritual attack due to his recent research. He is the creator of the history channel show called the Dark files and also the docu-film Montauk Chronicles. Which is about the horrific Montauk project and its brutal mind control experiments supposedly conducted on kidnapped boys in the 70’s and early 80’s . The popular Netflix series Strange things was modeled after the Montauk project as well. Christopher mentioned how this sinister project may still be continuing today!!!!…..and talks of his experiences at Camp Hero and his research. This is one show you do not wanna miss.

website: montaukchronicles.com

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