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AIRED: 10-05-2021

Today things get very emotional early on as we hear about Josh’s wife being forced to submit to the whims of the Evil Fucks and altering her genetic code. It hits Walt so hard his rescue kitten Cleo has to intercede with some Emergency Auditory Frequency Shifting applied directly to the Hearth chakra. We do find out there may be a hopeful ending to this sad tale…maybe…who knows…officially?
–We look at perma-balloons, yet again. Paltforms above our heads? Hmmmmmmm?
–Shatner…in Space……seeems…legit. Sci-fi equals sci!!
–App growth. Flat carpooling. It is close!!! (See link if you wanna go but need a ride!)
–Liz asked about cats…here they are!!
Chat chit–
Kallum Wilkinson:
​i have three little kittens now too it seems walt… go figure…
Ona Plane:
​cats lives matter a lot
Iron Horse:
​God hid Himself in the best hiding place… within
Kallum Wilkinson:
​cute little fuckers….
​my best friend’s cat passed away. That same night she visited me in a lucid dream of mine. I texted my friend and he confirmed the kitty just died
Alan Holman:
​Cats are counted among the numbers of the “little ones” who Jesus says, in a certain verse, it is our responsibility to protect.
Seeking Starwater:
​Grissom burned alive for questioning DISNASA
Iron Horse:
​Chitin is the key, lighter than air, stronger than cotton, the reason bees hover… all insects for that matter. They don’t “fly”, their wings are just rudders, “swimming” through air
Darren Daz Cox:
​Hot space towel is my new favorite band name

website: t.me/Flatoberfest2021

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