Hollow Earth, Kundalini & Trance-Formation – Sevan, Max Igan, Donny Gillson, Chris Baird, Stephen Sindoni >>


AIRED: 04-21-2012

Hour 1: We welcome Chris Baird, Donny Gillson and Stephen Sindoni to give us some in depth information about the possibility of a hollow earth. Chris Baird really connects some dots with Stephen and Donny that other researchers have failed to do. This is definitely a new perspective on the subject.



Also appearing in the first hour are regular guests and friends – Donny Gillson & Stephen Sindoni

Hour 2: & 3: Sevan of Resistance2010.com joins us once again for a 2 hour light speed discussion about reality, kundalini, meditation and takes us beyond the very fabric of time and space itself.

Website: resistance2010.com


Hour 4: As a bonus, we extended the broadcast with Max Igan to discuss his new film, Trance-Formation available for free at The Crow House. Max Igan talks with us about nano-bot technology in chemtrails, staying out of the fear and some of the negative reception he’s received which is an absolute result of people afraid of the truth.

Website: thecrowhouse.com

Watch: Trance-Formation here

Warning: if you are not ready for the absolute truth behind trans-humanism, you might want to skip the 4th hour and the film, Trance-Formation. When you are ready, proceed.

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