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Apr 15, 2016

by John Robert Wilcox

I have been in a same-sex relationship with my life partner for twenty eight years since 1988.

Three years into our relationship (May 10th 1991 was the day we received our test results), we made the fateful mistake of succumbing to all the MSM propaganda and got tested for HIV.

HIVAs you can imagine, it was a devastating shock to show positive, and we went through all of the emotions of panic, grief, fear, and despair that you might expect in that situation.

We informed family and a few friends (who were also terrorized by the bogus diagnosis), and we sought to live healthy lives with a positive attitude, deciding that much of wellness is mental – although we didn’t know by how much.

Our first T4 blood test results yielded some scary results: My T4 Cell count came back at 990 which is good, but my partner’s count was 550.

I was bawling my eyes out because the numbers were suggesting to us that my partner was well on his way to the grave, and it looked like I would loose him in the next couple of years.

Throughout all of this, we both remained asymptomatic. And as it turns out, the numbers my partner maintains naturally are within normal range.

I chose to participate in a 2-year study at the Foothills Hospital in Calgary for a T-Cell protein-related treatment that put myself into even greater danger, being administered bi-weekly injections of either GP160 or a placebo.

I believe I got the placebo, as there were no side effects or effects of any kind.

The study proved inconclusive.

We would attend appointments at the clinic every three months, where the protocol was always the same: Weight and blood pressure measurements, review of blood test results, and the ritual interrogation, which asked us which symptoms on a list we were experiencing. (We eventually realized that the symptom list is to put the suggestions of what to manifest as symptoms into your psyche).

Initially, they kept me off medications for the first three years, claiming their effect wore off over time and they wanted to save them for when my T4 count was low enough like my partner’s.

My counts remained as high as 1020 and as low as 880 from 1991 to 2012 and every visit to the clinic was the same:

HIV+ by definition. No symptoms.

My partner’s counts, on the other hand, dipped a little, but nothing ever manifested, except some wild dreaming when sleeping, which was a side effect of the medications.

They started him off on AZT in 1991, and it’s only because we got tested after the HIV meme was well-manifested. He received medications that weren’t as strong as the fatal doses that mimicked AIDS and killed off the first waves of patients (creating the illusion of a deadly disease).

By 1994, The Rockerfeller MD’s were ‘keeping us alive’ by putting us on three placebos, costing the taxpayer over $1000 a month for each of us ‘for the rest of our lives’.

They had us on combinations of AZT, Sequinevir, Truvada, and Sustiva throughout the history of our treatment.

April 20th is the day in 2012 when I saw a video from Dr Peter Duesberg and by the end of it I was was cured of HIV because it was all just a meme in my head.

I shared the information with my partner and we stopped our medications immediately.

I then wrote the Clinic reporting what we found out, explained we won’t be back, and assured them we didn’t blame them.

We are now four years out from the doctors and their treatments, and we’re thriving.

I spent the last five years as a bike messenger with a ten kilometer commute, and last year I added two hours of Wing Chun Kung Fu after work two nights a week, adding another thirteen kilometers to the day.

Compare that to Kimberly Bergalis’s experience that they reported in the news (that she was dead not six months after her HIV+ diagnosis), yet I am as healthy as an ox after twenty-five years since diagnosis, with the last four years medication-free.

We are living proof HIV is a scam and that HTLV3 is a dormant retrovirus that the HIV meme is anchored upon as Dr Duesberg asserted decades ago.

Revised 4/18/2016

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