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AIRED: 04-03-2021

Easter Weekend Show, Ra Castaldo in the first half of show discusses Mt. Kailash, and the Himalayan mtns. of Tibet , various expeditions into these forbidden sacred mountains looking for the lost city of the gods, and access to Advanced technology about making the Perfect Man, the Chantamani “Matrix Stone ” . Second half Ra discusses Dr Muldashev’s expedition and what they discovered, and how he received shockingly similar nightmare visions of what Dr Muldashev reports in his testimony? Did they find Nephilim or Rephaim in suspended animation ?, are these Giants soon to awaken? Also discussed is Mt Graham , Arizona , the Lucifer Telescope, wormholes and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Did God/ Universe of Light send Jesus to open the Gates to heaven aka a star-gate to allow souls access once again to a harmonic ascension? a gate that had been closed since the Fall of Adam/ man? Do Not Miss this Very Intriguing Discussion, tune in to the Truth Frequency

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