Truth Frequency Radio
Sep 19, 2014

cbsphilly.files.wordpress.com_2014-09-19_12-14-10PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Take a look at your co-workers, because apparently, one in every ten might have needed weed to get them through the work day.

According to a new report from Mashable via SurveyMonkey, about 10% of Americans admit they’ve gone to work under the influence of marijuana before.

Of those who smoked pot before hitting the paperwork, 80% obtained it illegally.

And marijuana wasn’t the only drug U.S. workers have been under the influence of while at work; nearly 30% say they’ve gone into the office after taking prescription pills, and just over 7% say they took those drugs for recreational purposes.

Mashable reports that 534 adults completed the survey using SurveyMonkey Audience. To read more about the research and to see an infographic of the data, click here.