Jan 30, 2014

eric-holder-attorney-general-medical-marijuana-legalization-cannabis-banking-raids-10th-amendment-truth-frequency-radio-chris-geo-sheree-geo-alternative-media-news-informationAccording to TIME magazine, Attorney General Eric Holder said yesterday that minors aren’t necessarily going to have easier access to marijuana just because some states have legalized it for recreational purposes:

“People cannot buy alcohol I guess now until you’re age… age 21, but young people find ways to get alcohol because adults can have access to it,” Holder said before the Senate Judiciary Committee. “I’m not sure that we will see the same thing here given what we have said with regard to our enforcement priorities.”

Colorado and Washington state have recently implemented new laws allowing recreational cannabis. In regards to medical marijuana dispensaries, Holder has a history of “cracking down” on them, which makes this whole thing quite suspicious. Remember: Marijuana is still illegal under federal law, and as we saw with Barack Obama throughout the last 6 years, talk is cheap and will not keep the feds from kicking your door in, even if you have a legitimate medical marijuana dispensary.

Though Holder specifically stated he would not go after states that supported medical marijuana, in late 2011, the Justice Department reversed course, forcing dispensaries across California to close. Since then, hundreds of businesses have shuttered, leaving thousands without jobs.

It seems as if the federal government is highly interested in using the “protect the children” excuse of “making sure the drug doesn’t become available to minors or move across state lines” to persuade the public to believe that the federal government still has the right to violate the 10th amendment and suppress the freedom of the people to decide what to put into their own bodies.

“The distribution of marijuana to minors will…  will entail a very vigorous federal response,” Holder said.

However, this may actually be a real revolution of thought, since Holder has also suggested that banks work with legal marijuana companies to protect their assets and keep robberies at bay (Dispensaries have long experienced this problem due to so much cash being handled with nowhere to put it safely).

Of course, Republicans (especially in the South) have found a new (non) issue to cry about:

Alabama Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions, a member of the committee, lamented President Barack Obama’s recent comments that marijuana isn’t more harmful than alcohol, saying he was “heartbroken” to hear Obama argue that states’ experiments in legalization should go forward. Sessions said the country had previously worked to“create a hostility to drug use” that shouldn’t recede.

“I think that the use of any drug is potentially harmful,” Holder said of Obama’s comments. “And included in that would be alcohol.”

Sessions was skeptical. “Well, Lady Gaga says she’s addicted to it and it’s not harmless,” he said.

It’s sad when Lady Gaga quotes are being tossed around to support or decry national policy.