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AIRED: 02-22-2019

Whistlerblower Heidi Weber from the CBS TV Series, “Whistleblower” joins me to share her unbelievable story where she witnessed lies, deception, fraud and corruption, blew the whistle and experienced severe retaliation. She was threatened, followed, had her car windows shot out but had the courage to continue on and fight this corrupt corporation. She went on to be credited as the first woman whistleblower to take on & win a legal case and jury trial against a large national for-profit college network, accused of targeting students & military. From her Midwest upbringing on a farm to becoming a college program Dean, her compelling story was featured as the season one finale of “CBS Whistleblower” with Alex Ferrer (season 1 episode 8). Now, in addition to being an Associate Producer and story consultant to the show, Heidi has become a noted speaker, trainer, legal client advocate/peer, and business advisor coach, who writes and speaks nationally on whistleblowing, the process, ethics, employment risk and individual/company/global responsibility with genuine, proven, profitable & effective, innovative solutions.
For more info on how she can help you, please visit her page at: EthicsEducator.com
Or contact her directly at [email protected] , and (715)410-8032 (if unavailable, please leave a detailed message & she will call you back, usually within 24hours).

website: www.ethicseducators.com

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