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Nov 03, 2013

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Known as one of the best antioxidant foods, cloves are well-known for their use as an externally applied local antiseptic (clove oil) that numbs on contact for dental pain. But not many folks are familiar with a variety of other health benefits of cloves, which includes combating Candida and fighting bacterial infections.

The dried buds of cloves contain an aromatic oily substance that is the essence of the spice’s medicinal and culinary properties. It’s wise to purchase cloves in their bud forms. Purchased powders may have lost most of their potency by the time you buy and use them, while dried buds hold up to three times as long.

Whenever you want clove as a powder, you can grind the buds in a coffee grinder. When you shop for cloves, pinch the buds with your fingernails. You should get a strong aromatic scent and a slightly oily feel. Choose organic if possible to avoid irradiated clove spices. They’re DOA (dead on arrival) herbal spices

Clove’s oil is the key for spicing foods and promoting health. Cloves can be used to make teas by putting the buds or powder into hot (not boiling) water. But the biggest health bang for the buck comes from clove essential oil.