AIRED: 03-14-2020

<p Tonight I talk to the beautiful Fiona Lee . Keynote speaker of the Star Family Conference which is now postponed but you can still win tickets by coming into the chatline during my show and type STAR FAMILY Conference. WE DISCUSS ABOUT HOW TO TAKE YOUR POWER BACK AND HOW TO HEAL FROM TRAUMA. Fiona graciously shares her travel experience through a starseed perspective. Fiona came into this life with a clear sense of purpose and was offering counselling to her shocked parents from the age of 3. For the past 20 years she has been simultaneously facilitating healing and awakening for individuals and groups, training other practitioners in her methods, raising a child, travelling and researching the big questions. A degree in Environmental Science provided a good foundation for a multi-disciplinary approach and a Bachelor of Education has equipped her to translate her research of this complex subject in an easy to understand way. Fiona has traveled extensively (literally and metaphorically) visiting sacred sites, learning from local peoples and navigating her own innernet. Her current focus is on connecting the dots in the human quest for immortality. Fiona is passionate about putting the jigsaw of our true history together and she loves sharing her findings with others. It is her heartfelt hope her contribution will seed growing awareness, that we become better planetary stewards and galactic citizens. All for one, and one for all.

website: www.fiona-lee.com

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To a coherent, clear and energetically balanced person, when reading words or being exposed to Splitter Tech script, it feels like your brain is getting scrambled and thoughts are scattering, and maintaining clear focus is nearly impossible. It also is sprayed as implants to divert attention and focus within a group environment, as one person...

AIRED: 12-10-2022

The message of the Yanas, Founders Races, IAFW, GA and Guardian Angelic Races of the Emerald Covenant. Beloved Sleeping Angels,You are Loved beyond all knowing.You were born free into Density and the worlds of manifest illusion, from the Love of Cosmic Source that is your Home. Beloved ones, Choose well… Choose Love… and then Choose...

AIRED: 08-20-2022

ROOT RACES, THE MAHARAJI, ANGELIC HUMANS,THE PRIESTS OF UR. VOYAGERS, THE SLEEPING ABDUCTEES by ASHAYANA DEANE. Tonight i look into our history and the many root races we originally came from . From La-Muria to Atlantian times there have been wars between many different races.The priests of Ur developed advanced mastery over spiritual and scientific...

AIRED: 08-06-2022

Tonight i talk about the book The Sleeping Abductees by Ashayana Deane. quote “What Others Are Saying About Voyagers I…“The X Files is nothing compared to this book. It fell into my lap at the perfect moment, when I was discovering a subconscious part of me that had experienced alien abductions since a young child....

AIRED: 07-30-2022

The Science of the Law of Resonance and Consent. Tonight i talk about about where Abortion really came from and the consent that has been violated here. Accumulative Value of Intent The sum total of the energetic intention behind the accumulated thoughts or words that we have said in the present moment, is more important...

AIRED: 07-23-2022