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AIRED: 03-26-2022

Today we delved into healing frequencies with Del Hungerford who turned out to be a fantastic guest with great information, not to mention a LOT of fun to spend time with!

Del is a musician, author, teacher, and business owner. She owns the recording label and business, Healing Frequencies Music. Her spontaneous instrumental music is intended to enhance cognitive function, heal the emotions, awaken intuition, and engage our senses. Del’s research centers around how frequencies fit within patterns found in the universe, creation itself, and how frequencies can be used in healing.

Del holds a doctoral degree in music, is a professional classical musician, published researcher, and teacher. Her presentation style invites readers and listeners to engage in a personal discovery process through active participation. Her desire is to live in perfect health by focusing on her entire being – spirit, soul, and body.

Del offers a number of services including sound baths, personal songs for you meant to heal, how to become a frequency healing practitioner and so much more! Make sure to go to her website below to open up a whole new world of healing for yourself now!

We hope your week is glorious and remember that we LOVE you! 🙂

website: healingfrequenciesmusic.com

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