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Mar 11, 2020

He had adult eyebrows

In Spain, administration of the wrong medication has resulted in unusually heavy hair growth on the face, back and other parts of the body in numerous babies. At least 17 children are from the so-called "Werewolf syndrome" (Hypertrichosis), the newspaper reported "El País" and other media citing the relevant authorities and concerned parents.

"He had adult eyebrows"

"My son got a lot of hair everywhere, on his forehead, on his cheeks, on his arms and legs, on his hands … He had the eyebrows of an adult. That scared us a lot because we didn’t know what was going on", was Ángela Selles from Granada by "El País" quoted. Her son Uriel was only six months old when the unusually strong hair began to grow, it said.

What happened? The company Farma-Química Sur has identified and marketed some items of the blood pressure drug Minoxidil, which is also prescribed for hair loss, as the gastrointestinal agent omeprazole and brought them onto the market due to an internal error, the Spanish health authorities said.

After the first case became known in April, the Medicines Agency AEMPS took up the matter. She discovered the cause and ordered in early August that all mislabeled drugs should be withdrawn from the market. The Farma-Química Sur factory in Málaga was also due "severe non-compliance with the control rules" closed for an indefinite period.

17 previously known cases

The 17 known cases so far were registered in the regions of Cantabria, Andalusia and Valencia. However, there may be more people affected, because despite the investigations by the health authorities that have been going on for months, another case was only known in Granada on Tuesday. The public prosecutor’s office in Cantabria has already started an investigation.

Citing experts wrote "El País": "There are no cases in the scientific literature of such young children taking such amounts of minoxidil."

Affected parents told "El País"After stopping the wrong medication, hair growth slowly declines. "The hair falls out very slowly, however, and the doctor said it could take months before it is normal again"said a mother who had unwittingly given her baby the wrong heartburn medication for months.

There is no need to fear permanent damage

Even if various side effects can occur with Minoxidil, according to the authorities and doctors, parents in principle do not have to worry about permanent damage.

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Those affected by hypertrichosis are popularly known as well "Wolf people" called. Excess hair can be caused by rare genetic defects, but it can also be triggered by drugs such as minoxidil.

Sources used: dpa news agency

Air travel can quickly become stressful for young children and their parents. How long to wait before taking your baby on the plane and what the risks are.

The next vacation is coming up, but can the newborn already fly on the plane? In the first three months of their life, babies should ideally not fly at all – and only in the nine months thereafter if absolutely necessary. "In principle, infants have to acclimate themselves with life in the first three months of life", says Hermann Josef Kahl, spokesman for the professional association of paediatricians (BVKJ).

Flight is a stressful situation for a child

Babies are very sensitive during this acclimatization or habituation phase, says the expert. Because the body first has to adjust to the completely different living conditions outside of the womb. In principle, this change happens immediately after the birth, but it will only be completed after about three months. "As long as the child is in stressful situations – and a flight is a stressful situation for a child – more at risk than adults."

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From the doctor’s point of view, baby flights are allowed after the first three months, especially for family visits, according to Kahl – provided that the children are healthy. "So you mustn’t have any chronic diseases. You have to be very careful, especially with heart defects." If you want to be on the safe side, you should go to the doctor with your child shortly before a flight.

Sources used: dpa-tmn news agency

Do famous people influence the choice of a first name for a newborn? A hobby name researcher has evaluated birth reports from all over Germany and created a name ranking.

The big surprise when the parents chose a name in Germany did not to outline an argumentative essay In the ranking of the most popular first names in 2019, Emma and Ben remain the absolute front runners. This emerges from the statistics published on Monday in Ahrensburg (Schleswig-Holstein) by the hobby name researcher Knud Bielefeld. This is the ninth time in a row that Ben has landed first, Emma for the fourth time since 2014.

"Ben also had a huge head start on the others. It was tighter with the girls. And Emilia and Hannah follow pretty closely. I can imagine that there will be a change next year"said the 52-year-old. Bielefeld sees the greatest upward trend in the names Frieda and Ella as well as Matteo and Emil.

These are the most popular first names in 2019

For girls, the ranking of the most popular first names nationwide in 2019 is as follows:

Place 1: Emma Place 2: Emilia Place 3: Hannah / Hanna Place 4: Mia Place 5: Sophia / Sofia Place 6: Lina Place 7: Mila Place 8: Marie Place 9: Ella Place 10: Lea

When it comes to boys’ first names, the leaders are:

Place 1: Ben Place 2: Paul Place 3: Finn / Fynn Place 4: Leon Place 5: Jonas Place 6: Noah Place 7: Elias Place 8: Felix Place 9: Luis / Louis Place 10: Henri / Henry

For the statistics, Bielefeld and his helpers evaluated the baby galleries of maternity clinics and official gazettes from various locations, a total of 592 different sources from 466 cities. For 2019, he recorded and evaluated 177,570 birth notifications from all over Germany. This corresponds to around 23 percent of all children born in 2019. 787,500 children were born in 2018. The figures for 2019 are not yet available.

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Bielefeld has published the rankings of first names since 2006. The Society for the German Language has published similar statistics.

Sources used: dpa news agency

A couple from Upper Bavaria named their daughter Pocahontas. The registry office agreed without objection. However, the name of the Indian daughter is only intended as a third name.

In Upper Bavaria, a couple named their daughter after the Indian daughter Pocahontas. Again "Munich Mercury" Reported on Tuesday, the registry office in Wolfratshausen has no objection to the name. As the parents from Egling (Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen district) told the newspaper, they had given the dark-haired girl Pocahontas as a third name.

The nickname of the few weeks old baby is Dina after the great-grandmother, Sofia the middle name. According to the newspaper, the registry office pointed out that Pocahontas is clearly a female first name and is therefore permitted.

Authorities have become more tolerant

In general, the authorities in Germany have now become more tolerant of accepting the parents’ wishes even with unusual names. In the past there were always processes when registry offices rejected a name application. The legal dispute over the name of the cartoon goblin Pumuckl led to the Federal Constitutional Court in the 1980s – the parents were ultimately able to prevail. 

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 At the beginning of the 17th century, Pocahontas was the daughter of an Indian chief who allegedly mediated between the indigenous people and colonialists in North America. In the 1990s, the character was popularized by a cartoon from the Walt Disney Studios.

Sources used: dpa news agency

The Bonn registry office has published statistics on births in 2019. This also shows the most popular first names – as well as the number of names.

The registry office of the city of Bonn has announced the numbers of marriage registrations, births and deaths. A lot has changed compared to the previous year.

In 2019, 6,406 babies were born in Bonn. This was announced by the registry office. The birth rate is slightly below the average of the past five years, "but remains at a consistently high level"According to a public announcement. The most popular first names in 2019 were Emilia and Noah, closely followed by Charlotte, Felix and Jonas. 29 children were given more than three first names.

August was the most popular month to marry

The registry office recorded 4,800 deaths last year. The number of deaths has thus risen and is around 150 cases above the average of previous years.

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The city also had 1,788 marriages. In the previous year it was 1,890. In 75 percent of all weddings in 2019, it was the first marriage for both partners. 73 of the marriages were same-sex. The most popular wedding month was August with almost 190 weddings, followed by June with 169. 

Sources used: City of Bonn: Press release from January 21, 2020

Classic first names are particularly popular with Frankfurt parents. That shows a current balance of the city. Many choose just one name for their offspring.

Frankfurt parents chose more traditional first names for their offspring in 2019. The most popular names with the girls were Marie and Sophie, with the boys Maximilian and Alexander, the city announced. 

Last year, Sophie was still the most popular girl name, Marie took second place. Overall, the changes compared to the previous year are rather marginal. Unusual first names can not be found in the Top30 hit list.

The ten most popular girl names 

1. Marie and Sophie 2. Maria3. Emilia4. Charlotte5. Anna6. Sophia7. Mia8. Clara9. Lina10. Elisabeth

The ten most popular boy names 

1. Maximilian 2. Alexander3. Paul4. Noah5. Leon6. David7. Elias8. Emil9. Karl10. Liam

The city of Frankfurt makes no distinction between first, second and third names when recording. In general, there is no discernible trend towards multiple first names in Frankfurt.

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"A good 54 percent of parents gave their children a single first name in 2019 and around 40 percent chose two first names for their child"it continues. Only six percent of parents chose more than two names in the past year.

Sources used: Press release from the city of Frankfurt, overview of the registry office

Rihanna and Shakira are sitting in the sandpit. In the afternoon, Merkel comes to the children’s birthday party. These exotic first names exist in Germany. But what does that mean for the children?  

List of unusual first names
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Some parents like it exotic: baby names like Marie, Paul, Sophie or Alexander are too boring for them. This is why the weirdest first names appear in some birth certificates. These include, for example, Wendelbert, Merkel and Tyrion. According to psychologists, an unusual name makes life difficult for children.

Particularly popular: first names from "game of Thrones"

Rihanna, Shakira, Kurdistan or London – such names are also possible. First names from the popular fantasy series are particularly popular at the moment "game of Thrones". The Society for the German Language (GfdS) lists in a list "special name" nearly two dozen characters in the series. Tyrion alone has been awarded around 15 times in the past three years, says GfdS expert Frauke Rüdebusch.

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Greek and Roman mythology is also used: The names Adonis, Poseidon or Apollo appear in some German birth certificates. There are also Wendelbert, Bombastus, Terence-Spencer or Jamy-Oliver – but very rarely. The most popular baby names in 2018 were Marie, Paul, Sophie and Alexander.

No chance for popcorn, Urmel and Knirpsi

"We do not know which motive the naming was based on", explains the GfdS. The legal decision to register is ultimately to be made by the registry offices alone. On request, the GfdS offers expert reports on first names and gives a linguistic recommendation. The language experts rejected popcorn, Urmel, Eisenstein, Knirpsi and Lucifer, among others.

The Dresden psychologist Ulrich Winterfeld warns parents not to give their newborns names that are too unusual. "It is much more difficult for children with exotic names"says the expert. Often the parents are not concerned with the child – but with their own relationship. For example, when they name their son or daughter after a pop star because they met at his concert.

The first name Pinocchio has no chance. The Society for German Language also rejects first names such as Lucifer, Batman, Knirpsi, Kaiser or Popcorn. (Source: Rüdiger Wölk / imago images)