Happy Saturday! Tonight we covered: Lammas, Crystal Gri >>


AIRED: 07-18-2020

Merry Meet!
It’s Saturday Night! Tonight we covered: Lammas, Crystal Grids, & Dream Catchers! It was a busy night!! Crystal grids are a great way to focus your intention and goals. Can Dream Catchers catch bad dreams, good dreams, or both? How do you celebrate Lammas?

A GREAT resource for crystals and stones: ‘The Crystal Bible’ by Judy Hall

More info on Dream Catchers: https://www.nativeamericanvault.com/pages/legend-of-the-dreamcatcher

What are YOUR experiences? Email me at [email protected]!

For more info on the Pagan community here in the Pacific Northwest, check out www.spokanepagans.com!


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Mother of Darkness remixed by Chris Geo

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