Truth Frequency Radio
Chris Geo
Dec 31, 2013


On this last day of 2013, I can’t help but reflect on how Truth Frequency Radio has grown. Although Sheree and I have been the captains of this vessel of this information, the real credit is due our wonderful listeners and hosts. Whenever we start to feel alone and things are not going well, we think of all of you and count our blessings. I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to everyone.

First and foremost, our listeners are absolutely amazing! Many of our members have been with us since day one and have kept Truth Frequency growing. Others have made some very generous donations and, despite the fact that we don’t ask for donations, the larger donations come synchronistically at times when upgrades or equipment is needed. So many people have sent loving e-mails and protective energy, and the moderators and chatters in the chatroom have really helped make Truth Frequency Radio a loving community. Brap Allgood has been with us since the beginning, and Tempest has helped out a great deal in the chatroom, too. We’re very happy to be able to provide a platform to the Crake and Tempest show!

Joe Joseph of Freedom Link has played a very large role in helping to form Truth Frequency Radio. In 2013, Joe has spent much of his personal time creating bumpers, graphics and commercial spots for the network. He has also brought together many of the great people on Truth Frequency Radio. I hope I’m not embarrassing him by saying this (because I know I’m the type of person that doesn’t like my kindness and good deeds to others to be broadcast), but Joe also teaches a constitutional class to a group of children whose parents formed a home school co-op. I’m totally astonished by how he’s able to take care of his family, work a full time job, be a great father to his children, teach other children, do a five-day-a-week show and also help out with the network like he does. He’s really an amazing person and an inspiration, and it’s an honor to be working with him.

Nathan Frazer has really changed my life in many ways. A lot of people don’t realize this but Nathan invited me on his radio show in 2007, which opened the door to where I am today. If it wasn’t for that interview, the thought of doing radio would be nowhere in my mind. Over the course of time, Nathan introduced me to greater and greater ideas about who I am and who we are as sovereign individuals. The information he’s given me has not only empowered me to overcome traffic tickets but the associated mentality has seeped into all parts of my life. We are the kings of our reality and no man has a right to dictate anything to us. Authority is an illusion and only in the mind of the beholder. My interactions with law enforcement have changed from being the subservient to being the master of the interaction. I find this mentality showing itself in all situations, whether it’s interactions with corporations providing poor customer service, job interviews or simple interactions with strangers. Nathan Frazer has significantly elevated my level of self-respect and therefore, I find myself being more respected by others and in almost all of my interactions in life, I am treated fairly. But above all, Nathan Frazer has taught me the most important thing of all: How to respect the rights of others. It’s a very simple concept really: Treat others the way you want to be treated and don’t allow others to treat you in a way you would not treat them. Thank you, Nathan.

Popeye is a disabled veteran and spends a lot of his time dealing with pain, surgeries and taking care of his family too. He also does a 5-day-a-week show, keeps up to date and he’s always there to put things into perspective and to offer words of encouragement. Using his experiences in the military, he has helped encourage me to take the leadership role on Truth Frequency instead of sitting back as a host. His words have built me up and helped me focus on taking things to even higher levels and standards. Whenever I’m unsure about a decision, Popeye’s advice has always been 100% spot-on. He’s always there to lend an ear, even when it’s 5 or 6 o’clock in the morning.

One of the first DVD series I stumbled across was “The Illuminati” and “Secret Space” documentaries produced by Christopher Everard. I drove my girlfriend (at the time) absolutely insane by watching the series over and over, and playing it for all of our friends and family. With his films, Chris has inspired me to see more than the five sense reality and has given me an example of how great music, dynamic presentation and a sense of art is just as important as the viability of the information being presented. Chris has really raised the standard of film and radio production and has encouraged me to do the same. On a personal level, Chris has helped Truth Frequency tremendously by sharing his knowledge with our audience for dozens and dozens of hours. When we first reached out to him, we had no idea that our relationship would become a personal friendship of mutual growth, inspiration and someone “on the level” we can seek personal advice from.

Natalie Marie Hart has really grown as a host and she inspires us with hope for the future. I always learn something new from her shows, and seeing the Truth Frequency blossom in someone of such a young age really illustrates that our efforts are not futile. She has also been a victim of cyberstalking (just as we have) and she’s been able to take the negative experiences and turn it into something positive. It took me over 30 years to figure out what Natalie has in just over a decade of being on this planet.  I’m honored that crystal and indigo children will be carrying the torch when our time on earth has been exhausted.

Donny Gillson is another person who I’ve met in person and someone I consider a brother, like Nathan Frazer. Donny has struggled and pressed on through all forms of opposition and he’s shown me how to maintain a smile in the face of the most horrible situations. Donny continues to embrace everyone, despite the horrible people he’s come across and continues to be an inspiration and reminder to never become jaded or cold. Donny could be having the worst day of his life, dealing with all kinds of emotional and physical pain but you would never notice because he always maintains a smile. When he gave us a tour of Hollywood during our honeymoon, I was inspired to become a happier person with a much more friendly and outgoing personality.

Joseph Banister has always been a hero, from the first time I heard his story on “America: From Freedom to Fascism”. As a former agent who took on the IRS and sacrificed everything in the name of truth, he has given me the example of  how a person can completely change their views. After knowing Joe, I realize that there is no shame in turning 180 degrees and finding the path to truth. I’ve also learned from Joe that no matter how large the enemy is, a pure heart and strong will, will always prevail.

I haven’t had too many opportunities to interact with David Whitehead, but through listening to his show and principles, I have realized that I was missing a large part of myself: The Warrior. As a former martial artist myself, the teachings of my former Sensei’ have started to resurface. Patience is a man’s biggest virtue and while we must be prepared to fight, knowing how to keep pride and ego in check takes much more courage and discipline than taking down an enemy. David told me that he was inspired to start his show by listening to Truth Frequency. It really works both ways because I have been inspired to become the warrior by listening to Truth Warrior.

Sienna Leia and the former Shadowland Voyager crew have helped me to realize that we must face the darkness within ourselves. As someone stuck in the New Age mentality for quite some time, the thought of facing the darkness seemed antithetical to my beliefs. Little did I know that I was ignoring one of the key elements in spiritual growth and by listening to Sienna – In particular, a talk she had with George Kavassilas – things became much more clearer in my journey and instead of shying away from the darkness, I’ve been able to face it down, embrace and conquer it.

Tom and Ramon of Hundredth Monkey Radio were some of the original hosts and have been on the Truth Frequency journey with all of us. After awakening from the New Age deception, I was too polarized towards geopolitics and the five-sense reality. When their show would come on after ours, I would naturally tune in and I started to “remember” who I am and where I’ve come from. Slowly over the course of a few months, I started shifting towards re-balancing myself to where I am today.

Liam Scheff has been a bigger inspiration of strength than he will ever realize. I don’t know to what extent he’s discussed his personal journey, so I don’t want to say anything that he has kept personal. Liam has faced one of the darkest times that any man can face and he’s emerged a much stronger person as a result. I still don’t understand how he can maintain such a loving personality, full of humor, jokes and lightheartedness. Whenever I face my darkest times, I think about Liam’s journey and draw strength from his example.

In my journey, I’ve mistakenly allowed personal experiences to jade me from certain belief systems. Minister Kenneth Emmanuel is a constant reminder that Christians who truly understand who Jesus Christ really is do exist. As a non-believer, sinner, heathen, heretic, sorcerer, devil, demon and everything else I’ve been called by “believers”, I have never felt as much warmth and acceptance as I have with Kenneth Emmanuel. I might have never left the Christian faith if more Christian leaders existed like Kenneth. He is a constant reminder in my life that I should not be quick to judge anyone based on their belief systems.

Susan Lindauer has also been a reminder in my life that good people exist in all walks of life. It’s easy to paintbrush all government agents as evil and selfish people when one deals with the kind of information we do. Although Susan is a former CIA asset, she (along with Joe Banister) really proves to all of us that the people in government can be some of the most sincere truth-seekers amongst us. One of the biggest acts of self sacrifice a person can make is giving up your own freedom for truth. The bravery and courage Susan has shown us how the truth is even more important than ourselves. Her desire to keep speaking the truth, even after all of her trials and tribulations, has really been an example in my life that our light must never be extinguished.

Unfortunately, I don’t get enough time to speak with John Phillips, Kev Baker, John King, Lisa Marie, Kenneth Webb, Jim and Jeff Stanch, Tom Barnes, Tommy Woodgate, Jason Erb or George Berry, so I haven’t gotten to know them very well in 2013. However, each one has brought to light new ideas that I never considered. John had me looking down the rabbit hole of mind control and MK Ultra programming, and George has inspired me to sit in front of the audio editing program for hours looking for reverse speech. Jason Erb has really opened my mind up to economic and ideas about social structure. Kenneth Webb is always very entertaining and I learn something new every time I tune in. Tom Barnes, Tommy Woodgate, Kev Baker, Jim and Jeff Stanch and Lisa Marie always have great information to share with our audience, too. I hope I can get to know everyone more in 2014. Despite not having a chance to get to know these hosts, I am really honored that they are a part of the network and the line up would not be as complete without them.

Thank you to all of the Truth Frequency family!! We have much more in store for 2014 and beyond! Stay tuned!