Truth Frequency Radio
Chris Geo
Nov 06, 2014

Remember, remember, the fifth of November!

It seems like it was only yesterday that Truth Frequency Radio was born on Blogtalk Radio. I had no idea that we would be where we are today and where we are heading in the future. It’s been a remarkable journey that just keeps getting better, and our dream of making Truth Frequency Radio a community has become a reality. It is also the fifth anniversary of the relationship between Sheree and I ; However, as Truth Frequency has taken a life of it’s own, our relationship is now celebrated on December 21 (marking our two-year wedding anniversary in a few weeks).

Sheree and I actually met sometime around the middle of October of 2009 but we had spoken to each other for years leading up to that. We were both active members on the Prison Planet Forum and we often spoke in private messages. At the time, we both had other relationship obligations and therefore, the thought of getting together never crossed our minds until one day, as a result of a joke, we decided to meet.

David Icke was speaking in Santa Fe, New Mexico and I asked in a private message if she would like to go with me since my fiancee at the time wasn’t too interested. Sheree told me to come pick her up: I hesitated for a minute and tried to talk her out of it (because after all, it was a joke), but since she was only three hours away, I did just that. When we met, it was like we picked up without missing a beat as if we had known each other our whole lives. I’m noticing that to be the case with all of our friends, like Donnie Gillson and others we’ve had the opportunity to meet in real life. When I had to drop Sheree off, it was like we were being ripped apart from each other. It was rather painful because I had no idea what the future had in store or if I’d ever see her again. She was going back to her life and I was going back to mine. As the fates would have it, not two weeks later she moved in with me at my ranch house in Texas.

Immediately, we decided to start a radio show but had no idea what we were doing. We bought some high quality telephones and tried to do the show like that on Blogtalk but realized there was a delay between the two phones. So during the first show she was in the living room while I was in the bedroom. The second show, we had Bliss from Kritical Kontact on with us and this time we were sharing a microphone. At that point I bought a mixer and a couple of microphones and we proceeded with our next guest, Rob Menard.

A few weeks into it, we realized this was something special and I reluctantly left the ranch house and moved to the suburbs to get a better internet connection. That led us to get picked up by a couple of networks, make some friends (and a couple of jealous enemies), and in a couple of years we were syndicated by the Genesis Communications Network. Because of poor experiences at other networks, the next logical step was to create a network of our own where we could raise the standard of broadcasting and presentation. The other networks were either mismanaged, had a shady history with working with law enforcement, or were eventually taken over by white supremacists. This was the drive to create a station “without the hate, hype or fear”.

I sometimes flip through the slider of our website and count all of the hosts we have on board: Each one is a blessing to us. I watch the globe, the listener stats page, and the support from our members, and count each and every one of you as a blessing, too. When looking at the whole picture, it’s absolutely amazing what we all have accomplished in only five years and I’m so excited to see what the next five years has in store.

I remember spending over a year writing the broadcasting system and testing it over and over again. There were so many evenings that I spent saying “testing” into the microphone and listening to it through the system, tweaking settings and repeating. One day my neighbor’s parents come down and chewed me out because they heard “TESTING” all night long. I didn’t know it was loud enough for them to hear. I remember so many instances of frustration, tearing everything down, rebuilding from scratch, trial and error with server configurations, board configurations, etc. I remember looking at the programming language for the first time like it was Chinese and I remember asking for help from programmers who simply did not respond, or who would give me short answers that I didn’t understand. I remember the first php code I wrote, and my excitement when I saw the output actually working.

My motivation came from the voice in my head, saying, “Build it, and they will come”. This, along with some very generous donations from people like Bernard and Cynthia,  that showed me that listeners out there really wanted this! This was back in 2011, but the motivation is still with me today and every time we get a new member signing up, or someone renews their subscription, or sends an e-mail, or a donation, I see that as another reason why this must go on no matter what, because this isn’t about me ; It’s about YOU.

Pretty soon, the family all came together, and people like Joe Joseph really helped make TFR what it is today and brought a lot of the hosts together. Different energies have all combined to contribute so much: Christopher Everard designed the TFR logo, which really set the branding of the station ; Kev Baker came up with the slogan “Wherever you are, Make it TFR”.  It has been five years of so much love, growth, trials, tribulations, successes, and satisfactions ; And we’ve only just begun! But now, this is so much bigger than Sheree and I: That’s why we don’t celebrate the Nov 5 date anymore for ourselves, we celebrate it for you!

We love you all! Thank you for making TFR what it is today and what it will be tomorrow.