Halloween Edition with Max Igan and Paul Esper >>


AIRED: 10-31-2010

 Guests: Max Igan and Paul Esper

 Special thanks to all of the great guests who helped us pull this broadcast together last minute! And an extra special thanks for Sheree who joined us in the first segment to give us an update on how she is doing. She will be joining us as a guest on 11-13-10

In the first hour we are joined by the  Central Texas Paranormal Investigators

Paul Esper began investigating the paranormal in 2001 after moving to Ft. Leonard Wood, MO. and experiencing many unexplained occurrences. His passion for understanding the events and his background in law enforcement coupled with private investigation, has provided him with the necessary skills to conduct professional investigations.

And in the second hour  we are joined by veteran researcher, author, film maker, graphic designer, musician and our good friend Max Igan. Max was gracious enough to join us last minute for a free flowing conversation touching upon the recent UFO sightings, chemtrails, the importance of clean water and how we can move forward as a humanity who understands our reality.

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