Aug 21, 2013


The man, who is named as 20-year-old Michael Brandon Hill, apparently demanded that the school secretary call the local media before firing about 6 shots at police officers.

When they began to shoot back, he almost immediately surrendered peacefully.

A 19-year-old man who described himself as being “off my meds” took an AK-47 and an all-black outfit and barricaded himself inside of an elementary school in Georgia.

He apparently gained access to the inside of the school by simply “following someone who did have the authorization” to go back there, although witnesses say he didn’t get any further than the front office. His identity has not yet been released, and police are still checking the surrounding area – including his car – for any explosives, after a K-9 unit alerted to explosives inside the vehicle.

As per the usual behavioral response rehearsed in active shooter drills rehearsed around the country, the children were taken by bus to a remote location to be picked up by their parents, as long as the parents have their ID and their child’s picture with them.

Cornell, who has studied school violence for years, said the problem is not school violence, but gun violence.

Apparently, Mr. Dewey Cornell, a clinical psychologist and education professor at the University of Virginia, doesn’t understand that people kill each other with all sorts of weapons, and it doesn’t only have to be a gun. If someone wants to hurt someone else, they’ll find a way to do it ; Whether it’s a stilletto heel or a brick, they’ll find something to use besides a gun. A gun can just as easily save someone’s life as it can take it away. Guns aren’t the problem. These people going nuts because of all of the meds the system has them on – Now that’s a problem.