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Nov 11, 2013

gun-violence-PG-13-movies-films-triple-truth-frequency-radio-chris-geo-sheree-geo-alternative-media-news-informationBy Randy Dotinga  HealthDay Reporter

The amount of gun violence in PG-13 movies has tripled since 1985, the year the film rating category was introduced, a new study shows.

Not only that, violent gun scenes have become more common in PG-13 movies, where children aged 13 and under can only see the film with a parent, than they are in R-rated movies, the researchers added. R-rated movies require people under 17 to be accompanied by an adult.

But experts noted that the findings do not definitively link more exposure to gun violence on the screen to more violent behavior among kids.

“Guns are becoming more prevalent in films, but there is no evidence to suggest this portrayal is related to violence in the real world,” said Patrick Markey, an associate professor of psychology at Villanova University in Pennsylvania.

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