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Oct 21, 2013

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Activist Post

In early February, detainees began hunger striking for justice. Dozens joined others. Numbers rose to about 130. Some were force-fed. Doing so constitutes torture.

Most detainees continued courageously for months. About two dozen refuse food now.

Brutalizing conditions took their toll. Force-fed strikers suffered most. Previous articles explained.

Detainees are restrained in chairs. They’re called “padded cells on wheels.” Masks cover their mouths.

Tubes are forced painfully through their noses and throats to their stomachs. It’s done abrasively. It draws blood.

Liquid nutrients are pumped into their stomachs. Doing so causes excruciating pain. No sedatives or anesthesia are given. Men are kept strapped under restraints up to two hours.

It’s done to prevent purging. The procedure is repeated twice daily. Tubes are reused. They’re covered in blood and stomach bile.

Reportedly they’re passed from one inmate to another. Proper sanitation is non-existent. One detainee called the procedure “torture, torture, torture.”

Those refusing force-feeding are brutally beaten. Injuries occur. Hospitalization at times follows.

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