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Nov 08, 2014

Participants at Dance for Kindness event which was organised in the city, last yearBy Hassan M Kamal, Mid-Day
At a time when the world is plagued by all things negative, and the divide between the haves and have-nots is growing wider, it’s an ideal time to share kindness towards our fellow human beings.
Keeping this message in mind, more than 100 dancers from the city, will come together to spread the message of kindness via dance at Carter Road Promenade, this Sunday.

Organised as part of a global initiative, Dance for Movement, will be held simultaneously in more than 30 countries across the globe.

“Despite the differences that exist between people, be it in terms of language, race, colour, religion, sex or economic status, we believe that there’s humanity inside all of us. Dance for Kindness hopes to create an environment to bring out that kindness among people,” says Aditya Mehendale, a group leader of the Mumbai chapter of Dance for Kindness initiative.

www.mid-day.com_2014-11-08_11-18-57One can participate in two categories — a freeze mob (here a dancer is given a specific kindness position to freeze in and by doing so, giving passers-bys an opportunity to notice the kind moment) and flash mob (here participants break into dance when music begins). The idea as the main organisers, Live Vest Inside (a non-profit group based in the US), state is to make people aware of how one act of kindness can create a chain reaction of other acts of kindness.

Mehendale informs that the event also kicks-off the first edition of the World Kindness Week on November 9, which is to be celebrated globally. The Indian chapter is organised by the non-profit organisation Kindness Unlimited in association with Life Vest Inside.

Despite being just a day away from the main event, it is open to those who wish to participate in the Dance for Kindness movement in the city, informs Mehendale.

“To join, all you need to do is sign up on their website, Upon registration they will receive a link to a dance tutorial that they would be required to perform at an already decided venue in their city,” says Mehendale, adding, “We are also conducting a practices session at the St Andrew’s College in Bandra on Sunday, those willing to participate can join us there as well.” Joining the registered league of dancers will also be around 15 underprivileged kids from the Andrean Centre for Social Work.