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Aug 14, 2014

(Before It’s News)

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – A mysterious figure seen hovering near graves at an Albuquerque cemetery, has drawn the curiosity of hundreds, even drawing national attention. Now, the pastor of the Cuatholic parish in charge of the cemetery, also wants to know who the mystery man is, and what he’s up to.


“Oh my God, I got the chills all over my body,” one woman gasps, as she stopped to take cell phone video of the image Sunday evening.


The cloaked figure stopped traffic, and started an online frenzy. Cell phone video shows the dark figure standing still at the San Jose del el Rosario cemetery near Gibson and I-25.


“I have 12 years working in this parish, and I never saw that,” explained Father Gabriel Paredes, of the San Jose Catholic Parish.


Father Paredes said he too has questions about the person in the dark robe. The San Jose Catholic Church is in charge of the cemetery.


“Sometimes there are people who love the witch craft or satanic rights, and they love to go to the cemeteries, it’s a place of the dead,” said Paredes. But, he added, he doesn’t have proof that the person seen Sunday was dabbling with the dark side.


The mystery figure had drivers pulling over on the interstate, and pulling out their cameras.


“It was weird, it was scary, it was unusual,” said Michelle Gonzales.


Spotted on the eve of the Supermoon, the figure was holding a bundle of flowers.


Paredes said some satanic rituals include gathering earth from cemeteries, to summon evil spirits.


“It’s very bad because we have cases of people who do that, and they receive possession of the evil one by the spirit, and they need an exorcism,” said Paredes. Father Paredes isn’t jumping to conclusions though.


And even though he’s drawn curiosity, it’s still unclear what the person was doing at the cemetery. Of all the witnesses posting comments online, so far no one seems to have seen the mystery man arrive at the graveyard, or leave. He was just kind of there, and then gone.


Paredes said they didn’t see any damage to the cemetery.


Witnesses said firefighters and police officers responded. APD told News 13 Wednesday, they cannot confirm that, since they do not have a name to reference.