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Dec 06, 2013

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The first Russian contact with grey aliens allegedly took place in 1942. At that time, a series of diplomatic visits to discuss matters of mutual concern were planned, according to alleged Russian documents and a treaty was made.

Under the treaty 23/04, these meetings would take place in secrecy, a limited number of special agents would escort visitors and they would only meet high ranking officers.


According to the document 072 / E, at the meeting of 1961 there was an incident involving 3 subjects due to the violation of the agreement by the officers at the military base when they discovered that their arrival was filmed with a hidden device without their consent.

Under the treaty 23/04, the meetings would be confidential and filming or taking photographs would not be allowed.







YouTube poster Jin Ion takes an analytic look at the Russian footage

After the filming incident, the treaty was revised, according to reports.

Sverdlovsky UFO crash and alien autopsy in Russia in 1969 UFO

In 1969 in the state of Sverdlovsky, a UFO was reported to have crashed. It is alleged that a UFO crashed, and was recovered by the Russian military. Video film is shown of the recovery, with close-ups of the UFO itself. There was one dead alien found in the craft. The remains of the alien and the UFO debris was taken to a secure Russian site, where the saucer was analyzed, and an autopsy was done on the alien.

Photo of the crashed craft that brought the small alien to Russia. The reputed event was broadcast on a TNT special, “The Secret UFO Files of the KGB.” The show was hosted by former James Bond movie star Roger Moore. Compelling video and photographic evidence were shown to support the event.


Stills from the autopsy


According to Pravda, the KGB has allegedly had a special unit designed to gather and monitor all pieces of information regarding mystical and unexplained phenomena reported inside and outside the Soviet Union. An article published some time ago by a Madrid magazine Mas Alla probably indicates that the above allegations hold water. The magazine also published several stills from a film by U.S. TV station TNT affiliated with CNN.

Both the magazine and film say that in 1968 the KGB supposedly took possession of an UFO, which had either crashed or been shot down by the Soviet air defense. The Soviet secret police were alleged to have obtained the body of a humanoid in the cockpit. The body was thoroughly examined in an anatomy department of the Semashko Medical Institute in Moscow. The TV station claims that the film was based on a footage of the incident provided by one Pavel Klimchenkov, a former KGB officer. According to TNT officials, the documents are a deliberate “leak” to the media.

Also according to Pravda, a photocopy of the order shown in the TNT documentary by the Soviet defense minister looks authentic too. Pursuant to the order, General A. G. Ponomarnko, head commander of the Urals military district, was to ensure that KGB agents be involved in the work pertaining to the UFO at all stages. The agents’ reports were promptly forwarded to Colonel A. I. Grigoriev, chief of the KGB scientific department. It is noteworthy that Kamyshev, Savitski, and Gordienko – the coroners who performed a postmortem – all passed away on the same day, on March 24, 1969, one week after completing the examination of the humanoid’s body. The cause of their death is still unknown.

The Prohlandnyi Crash 

According Billy J Booth on there are  unsubstantiated reports that a UFO crashed or was shot down near   the city of Prohlandnyi, in the USSR at  on August 10, 1989.  Soviet military radar tracked an unidentified flying object and the Russian attempted unsuccessfully to contact the craft.. The UFO was classified as “hostile.” Soviet defenses were alerted, and MIG-25s flew to find and identify the UFO.

The MIG- 25s found the UFO and were given the authority to attack, according to Booth.  When the UFO refused to answer hails, the MIGs fired, hitting the UFO which crashed over the Caucasian Mountains. A crew aboard an M1-8 helicopter located the disc-shaped UFO outside of Nizhnizy Chegem. The area was completely cordoned off to everyone except military personnel.

The UFO was about 20 feet long and 10 feet tall and shaped like a long cigar. There was a long rutted out place in the ground where the object had obviously skidded as it plowed to a stop.

A classic cigar UFO photographed by Joe Ferriere


There was obvious damage to the exterior of the craft. The retrieval team, wearing protective outer wear, moved to the site. There was a small amount of radiation, and some members of the team were effected.

A helicopter on the scene was hooked up to the craft, and the UFO was transported to Mozdok Air Base. The base was rumored to store nuclear weapons, and long range bombers. Another investigative team was sent to Mozdok to begin a scientific analysis of the UFO. A KGB cover-up was in full operation by this time.

A cigar UFO also known as cylinder UFO photographed in New York in the 1950s


Russians entered the the UFO and discovered three alien bodies-two dead, one barely alive.

A team of doctors and other medical personnel made every effort to keep the alien alive, but failed. All three of the beings were about 3 1/2 to 4 feet tall, with gray outer wear. Underneath, their skin was a blue-green color with a reptilian texture. They had no hair, large black eyes covered with a protective lid, and web fingers ended their long, slender arms. The alien bodies were being kept in glass containers and UFO was taken to Kapustin Yar. This information  was first reported by three Russian investigators-Anton Anfalov, Lenura Azizova and Alexander Mosolov who had no documentation to support their story.

Zaostravka, Perm, Russia Crash

According to NICAP, during the 1989 UFO wave, witnesses north of Zaostravka, Perm, Russia watched several disc-shaped objects engaged in what looked like an aerial battle or “dogfight” with another gold-colored disc. After several explosions the electrical power in Zaostravka went off. The gold-colored disc was seen crashing into a swamp. Several military personnel tried to get near the crash site, but the isolated location seemed impossible to access. The zone was declared off limits by the local military, several families living nearby were displaced, and a barbwire fence was installed in the area. Aircraft flying over the area afterwards reported equipment malfunctions and were diverted to other flight paths. The downed object was described as mushroom shaped-shaped with a greenish-gold dome and a matt black rim with a narrow base. (Source: Albert S. Rosales, Humanoid Contact Database 1989, citing F. Bachurin, N. A. Subbotin and Anton Anfalov).