Truth Frequency Radio

Jun 24, 2013

by Sheree Geo

Truth Frequency Radio

1371853713000-AP-Foreclosures-Michigan-1306211831_4_3_rx404_c534x401As the economy continues to worsen, and jobs in rural areas have become scarce, many families are moving to larger cities in order to obtain the several part-time jobs they need (thanks, Obamacare!) to take care of themselves. All across America, “ghost towns” are becoming all-too-common, and tourism in the U.S. is now regarded by most of the world to be “in the dust” (with the exception of tourist attractions in the vicinity of these “prison cities”, of course).


finincial-crisis1This is not some kind of psychological phenomenon of country bumpkins having “pie in the sky” dreams of moving to the “big city” and “making it big”. By and large, most people (such as myself) who were raised in more rural areas actually detest big cities. With their noisy inhabitants, rampant crime and pollution, and generalized negative frequency we get in big cities (especially the harsher ones, such as NYC or Las Vegas or LA), we’d much rather avoid them altogether, if possible.

APDThis is especially true when taking into account the recent authoritative actions on the part of the people running these cities and their hired thugs (aka, “police officers”). Atlanta police officers have been told they’ll get raises if they write more tickets, and they are more than happy to oblige. A man in Chicago was recently sodomized by several police officers with a gun until he agreed to be a snitch in a drug sting, and a few days ago a naked, 11-year-old autistic girl was tased by the police for “refusing to respond” (although this happened on a freeway in rural Oregon). We’d much prefer to stay in a small town where the sheriff has a good relationship with the people he’s been elected to protect, and where we know our neighbors would help gulf-coconspiratorsus defend our homes if they were threatened, and vice-versa.

In a recent article by Dave Hodges, he mentions how the Gulf Oil spill has all but decimated the population of the Gulf of Mexico, and explains the cover-up that started in 2007 by Corporations such as BP, Transocean, Halliburton, and Goldman Sachs to pull it off. The money trail is definitely there, so it’s a good read. All in all, around 40 million Americans had to leave their homes because of the event.

At the same time, the recent Immigration Bill looks like it’s going to go through after all, as both political parties are vying for (and seemingly getting) what they want out of the deal. Apparently, you can be an illegal immigrant with several misdemeanors and still get your citizenship. Go figure.

whitehouse_s640x440Ironically, however, it is rumored that the border’s going to be “militarized” with “Twenty thousand new border patrol agents, hundreds of miles of fencing, (and) billions of dollars in drones, radar and sensors”, according to Raw Story. They’re calling it “overkill”, but I think it’s going to be accepted by the public pretty soon when La Raza and other extremist groups both here AND across the border start lighting fires underneath their constituents. I’m sure those guns Eric Holder got to ’em will be a real help in the upcoming “race wars” in these prison cities. Combine that with a disarmed populace (such as in Chicago and New York City), and you’ve got a bloodbath. And what would God-fearing, law-abiding Americans say to that?

“We need riot police!”
“We need the military to come and save us!”
“Why isn’t anyone doing anything to protect us?!”

In a small town, everyone knows each other, and any outside threat is almost immediately recognized and diffused by the armed populace. In a prison city, your only hope is the police, and even they will kill you readily if they believe you’re the suspect they’re looking for, or if they snap in a “I just got back from Iraq”, PTSD-induced rage, or if they simply confuse your cell phone with a handgun.