Truth Frequency Radio
Chris Geo
Oct 19, 2013

government-shutdown-occupy-movement-welfare-state-states-protest-national-monument-parks-memorial-WWII-truth-frequency-radio-chris-geo-sheree-geo-alternative-media-news-informationOctober 16 – The government shutdown has come to an end with a senate vote of 81-18 and a House vote of 285-144. The arrangement unveiled by Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Republican Minority Leader Mitch McConnell raises the debt ceiling through Feb 7 and funds the government through January 15th.

Many people are still confused as to why the government shutdown happened ; Therefore, panic flooded the internet on social media, alternative media and mainstream media alike. The fact of the matter is that every October 1st the Senate and House must pass a budget, and if they fail to do so by this deadline then it becomes illegal for the government to spend any money until a resolution is passed. The main motivation behind the shutdown was to defund the tyrannical Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (also known as Obamacare). The shutdown was led by the Republican party.

For the last decade there has been a growing outcry to abolish the Federal government – or at the very least, limit it’s overbearing reach. Oddly enough, the same people calling for the end of the Federal government were the same ones panicking over the shutdown.

The shutdown had absolutely no relevance to the lives of the majority of people in the United States, aside from a few Federal employees who were furloughed. The Federal government shut down was so meaningless that the Obama administration had to resort to ridiculous and illogical methods of creating the illusion that We The People need the Federal government. These measures included: Closing down the World War II Memorial, vantage points to Mt. Rushmore, and coastal beaches and removing the handles from drinking faucets. If this isn’t a testament to how we much we do NOT need the Federal government, I don’t know what is.

government-shutdown-occupy-movement-welfare-state-states-protest-national-monument-parks-memorial-WWII-truth-frequency-radio-chris-geo-sheree-geo-alternative-media-news-informationWe The People were shocked at first, but the human spirit prevailed as we cut through the yellow caution tape and removed the aluminum barriers. We traversed the parks with our families, we went to the beach, we visited the Lincoln Memorial and other “national” sites and we even mowed the Washington, D.C. Mall. Riot police were dispatched to some of these “protests”, but the show of force was nothing more than an attempt to create fear, anger and discord amongst the people about the government shutdown in an effort to reinforce the idea that the government should reopen.

When the Obama administration realized that this wasn’t enough to create the panic and discord they had aimed for, the Federal government had a “glitch” with the EBT system for a whopping twelve hours. During two of those hours at a Wal-Mart in Louisiana, the EBT system showed “no limit”, allowing food stamp recipients to take advantage of the system and stock up on as many groceries as they could carry.

This created a new scapegoat for the American people to point the blame at: Now it’s the poor people’s fault that government is shut down!


To make matters worse, the Obama Administration issued a memo warning the states that they may not be able to make the November 1st EBT payment and that the system may shut down on that date. This is nothing more than propaganda and “fear porn” to divide and conquer the nation and once again reinforce the idea that we “need” the Federal government.

index2Earlier this year, the Obama Administration attempted to create race-based riots in the street when they stepped in and insisted that George Zimmerman be tried for the murder of Trayvon Martin. Then, later in the summer when the jury delivered a not-guilty verdict, the government and Zionist-controlled mainstream media ran story after story pushing a race riot through reverse psychology and suggestion. This created an atmosphere where middle America feared the lower class communities after the mainstream media reported on Facebook pages calling for the murder of George Zimmerman.

“Divide and Conquer” has always been their main form of control, so why would the government shutdown be anything less? It’s all to get people to simply point the fingers at blaming-the-pooreach other and create class warfare amongst the people in order to distract us all from the criminals in Washington, D.C. It doesn’t matter where you look: Mainstream, alternative, liberal, conservative or any type of media, the choir has been singing the same refrain: Blame the poor for the crimes of the rich! An emphasis has been placed on welfare and food stamp recipients for the past several months leading up to the “impending collapse” of the EBT system.

As outlined by the Grace Commission, your income taxes go to pay ZERO dollars towards government functions – and that includes the welfare and EBT systems. You work four months out of the year to pay back the interest to the Federal Reserve for printing money and exchanging it for United States treasury bonds. Therefore, it’s important to realize that while most Americans believe their tax money is being misappropriated and given to “lazy” people on welfare, this is not the case at all. However, the idea that your tax money goes towards government functions is used to continue the divide.

Many people do not understand that the Federal government has absolutely no money – period – and they cannot legally own property ; Therefore, “federal property” is a fallacious concept in and of itself. The Federal government is simply a custodian of the people’s money – which is why every October 1st, Congress (as representatives of the people) must pass a budget. The Federal government is financed by the people but human-reason-to-work-f7FcwE8P-375x241not in the form of the income tax. While corporate income tax does indeed go to pay for government functions (the war budget to be exact), the Federal government only holds and spends all monies in trust.

In any type of government, whether it be a Republic, a Democracy or of the Socialist variety, the nations resources, profits and tariffs are equally divided amongst every person in that country. This is why Switzerland is now voting on a “base income” of $2,800 for every person in the country. You, the American citizen, have a right to 1/330,000,000th of the nations wealth! This is set aside for you in the form of a bond that is created through your birth certificate and why your social security number has the same bank routing numbers as dollar bills. The difference between the United States and Switzerland, however, is that these bonds are traded on the stock market for profit and the amount and profits are put back into the government budgets on your behalf.

We’ve been conditioned to believe that we must work 60 hours a week for a pittance, and the people who do so are the “good citizens” while the ones who can’t (for medical, psychological or educational reasons) are nothing but “freeloaders”. While I personally live 100% independent of government and do not accept a dime from any government fund, I have significantly changed my views as I developed a new understanding of our nation’s wealth.

Housing, food and electricity should be a human right and we have the resources to ensure no family goes without. But instead, we’ve been conditioned with a Capitalist ideology and a self-serving mentality that we are somehow “more important” than the next person.

Capitalism has it’s place and hard work is rewarded, as is the case in Switzerland: If you choose to work hard, you get your $2,800 per month base income plus the income you make from working. If you choose not to work, you must live on the $2,800 per month that is allocated to you based on the nations wealth and earnings. The same goes for people in the United States: People living on government-assisted housing, welfare and food stamps are not living lavish lifestyles in upper middle-class communities ; They are living in government-created “projects”, high-crime neighborhoods and barely surviving. We all could very well choose to live off of the government, but most Americans choose to work hard so we can provide our families with more.

Healthcare should be a human right as well: We’re not the ones poisoning the food, air and water are we? Big Pharma, Monsanto, big oil and the fast food industry profit trillions of dollars combined each year by poisoning the people – and yet, We The People are expected to pay for the healthcare required as a result of being poisoned? Not to mention the slack we pick up because the fast food industry doesn’t pay for their employees health care! And to make matter worse, we police each other and belittle and degrade those who are using government assistance to get the help they need!

What if you were given $2,800 per month as a base income on the nation’s wealth on top of your current earnings. Would you stop working? What if you didn’t have to pay for Obamacare and high insurance premiums? What if you didn’t have to pay income tax? How would the quality of your life increase?

The Federal government and big industries are pocketing what is rightfully yours, making you sick and forcing you to pay for it ; And now, they are trying to absolve themselves from all social responsibilities by demonizing the people using these programs. The American People have become pawns in wealth re-distribution while the wealth continues to float to the top 1%. Your anger is being directed by the corporately-controlled mainstream media. You are being told what to think, with whom to be angry and what to be angry about. And everyone is falling for it – free thinkers and sleepers alike.

It’s time to WAKE UP!