Truth Frequency Radio
Nov 04, 2014

By Paul McNamara, NetworkWorld

The Doodle on Google’s homepage this Election Day morning is a flag-adorned, spinning ballot box that when clicked brings one to a search box labeled “Polling place lookup.”

It’s a good thing I already know where to vote.


I tried my current Massachusetts address: Strike 1.

I tried my previous address in the city of Worcester: Strike 2.

I tried my childhood home: Strike 3.

The search results beneath “Polling place lookup” do offer links to other sites where I can find my polling place, but I could have gotten those through the standard Google homepage search box.

When, as offered, I try the address searches again from “Polling place lookup” page, I get Zillow results, not polling places. (This is the second time Google has failed me in recent days.)

This could be a Massachusetts thing and your mileage may vary, as one Twitter user writes: “Click Google Doodle for nationwide polling place lookup. Getting something like that to work right is basically witchcraft.  I’m floored.”

I’m glad I live in a town with only one polling place.

Please don’t forget to find yours today, with or without the help of Google.

(Update: Though I’m not seeing many other complaints about Google’s tool, the state of Georgia apparently had some trouble with its polling place finder.)

(Update 2: Another Twitter user reports a markedly different experience: “Not always a fan of Google, but their polling place lookup doodle is borderline genius. Get out and vote!”)

(Update 3: I’m working at home today. A colleague in our Framingham, Mass., office reports that Google’s lookup did not work for him either.)