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AIRED: 08-20-2020

Scotty Lopez joins me to discuss some of the craziness that is unfolding around the world right now. First up, we visit close to Scott in Topeka where a leaked document shows some very woke diversity training that lays out what is and isn’t acceptable in their very woke workplace. From there we go on a journey that spans across topics including the clowns on show at the virtue DNC clown show, with Billy Eyelash (yes, i know thats now how you spell it), leading a laughable troupe of characters that were speaking to a virtual audience of, emmmm, the main stream media?

We also talk about the documentary Shadow Gate & go over “internet influence operations” and the psy-ops that are absolutely everywhere you look on line these days.

To wrap up the show we go over 10 internet stereotypes to rival the Karen’s that have exploded into our reality in recent times

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