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AIRED: 02-04-2020

Ya know that inner voice? The “you” voice, inside your head, that voice, you know it, yes? Perhaps…no? Seems that not all folks are having an inner conversation, not with themselves, not with their Elders, not with the Big “G”…no, no inner convo. Sound weird? Or not? We find out today who on the host panel has it, and who doesn’t…

–We discuss music, hidden meaning, artists trying to reveal great truths while under the yoke of great evil. Queensryche, tool, TOP||-//, The Who…lots of esoterica musicallia!
–Need oxygen? Head to the moon!! Seems we are still learning just oodles of goodies from our many years of faked space, and now we find…well, let THEM tell you: “Based on lunar rock samples returned to Earth during the Apollo missions, scientists know that the moon’s soil, or regolith, contains about 40 to 45 percent oxygen by weight. This makes oxygen the most abundant element on the moon’s surface.” Full stop. Oh, wait…I forgot…fake moon dust plays into all this!!
–” Here, man, hit this…ok, like I was saying, let’s make cars that can drive THEMSELV-wait, no, let’s make GIANT ROBOT MECH SUITS!. YEAH!!! Wait, we need a flamethrower, too!!! Where’s the lighter? And tunnels!! LOTS of tunnels, right?? OH crap, dude, here it is…ready? Brain chips. Brain…net…caps?? Braaaain…let’s see, we can take out a chunk of skull…then, put in a metal net…that’s METAL!!” Sounds nuts, right?
–We hear a bit of jam from The Walnut Grove Band…shout out, Walnut!!
–The Alan summoned JoFroJer for the last segment…


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