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Dec 08, 2014

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Sleep is a critical part when it comes to the normal functioning of the human body and many other organisms in the animal kingdom. Not only does our metabolism slow down, conserving energy, but it is also critical in the regeneration of cells in our body. What may be the most critical is the fact that scientists have linked sleep to learning and fixation of memories in the brain, among some other nervous functions, underlining its importance further. Sleep deprivation is not only harmful to the human body; it has even been used as a form of torture.

It doesn’t take a team of scientists for anyone to realize that falling behind on sleep or going to bed late is going to have a negative impact on your efficiency the following day. Lack of sufficient sleep causes confusion, drowsiness, low capacity for effort and concentration, and, in extreme cases, even hallucinations and suddenly falling asleep during tasks. Scientists at the Binghamton University in the US have determined that going to bed late can bring yet another bad effect: depression and negative thoughts.

During a study carried out on students of the University, those that declared themselves to be night owls or generally going to bed late have also reported having more negative thoughts, more bad moods and worries about the future. Also, those with erratic sleep behaviors have reported more of the same symptoms: ruminating negative feelings, over-thinking bad events and generally feeling “down”.

On the contrary, those that had a well-established sleep schedule, going to bed early and allowing themselves to sleep enough (around 8 hours a night) were generally found to be more positive and optimistic in their thoughts in the absence of any outside influences.

One thing you should remember is that sleep is cumulative. What this means is that if you fall behind on sleep during one night because you’re busy with school or work, you will have a sleep “debt” that your body has to cover. Until you do, you might feel tired and unable to concentrate. So, while it may not be possible to go to sleep as the sun goes down every day, try to catch up on lost sleep when you have the chance and you’ll definitely end up feeling much better!