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Oct 26, 2012

Lines of human rights violations no longer seem to exist

Bernie Suarez, Contributor
Activist Post

Let us dissect the roots of the evil behind the emerging global government. Let us begin by analyzing the globalists’ tactics and calling it for what it is. One observation is how human rights violations, which were punishable by death in the Nuremberg trials post WW2, are now re-characterized as opinions to be debated by politicians, paid attorneys and bureaucrats.

When asked to justify the millions of deaths of innocent people that have occurred as a result of the illegal U.S./U.N./NATO global wars, and when challenged about the widespread misery, mental and physical abuse endured by those dragged into this war-filled world of horror, someone once casually mentioned to me “casualties will happen”, as if it is no big deal what happens to others.

Strikingly, millions of Americans are not bothered by ignoring blatant war crimes that now stain the history and reputation of America forever, or the blatant violation of domestic and international war crimes and human rights laws. It is no longer uncommon to hear an average American opine on war crimes saying things like: “Yes those (innocent) people were murdered but we got the bad guys,” or “oh well, that’s the nature of war,” or “I don’t believe those innocent people were murdered,” or “maybe they deserved it,” or even “they deserved it, they are all bad people.”

As we can see, blatant war crimes have now been washed away as just someone’s political opinion and we all know what they say about opinions, like the hole in the posterior portion of your body … everyone has one.

A war crime against a human being and humanity is still a war crime. No right-wing propaganda warmongering talking points or left-wing ‘humanitarian support by invasion’ scheme can whitewash war crimes on any part of humanity. We need to dump the bogey monster that lives in our heads; the bogey monster that they systematically lectured us about in grade school to justify every American war of the past.

The monster that lives in our heads is the voice of fascism and tyranny, for only an ideology of fascism and tyranny supports the unconditional payback and retaliation of people just for being labeled the enemy.

This incredibly ancient ideology is grounded in the ideology of ‘dualism’. It’s a cognitive framework for how the world works, which includes a bad guy and a good guy. There is always an enemy out there, and thus there is always a set of acceptable conditions under which it is okay to kill — and for some, maybe even torture, maim or indefinitely detain another person.

Once we understand and recognize this ‘dualism’ lie that permeates the minds of so many people, then we can see why we are so entrenched in the dark human experience that resonates from this mindset. We must understand that all forms of violence originate from this ideology of dualism.

Dualism gives birth to other ideologies like ‘retribution’, ‘atonement’ and ‘justice’ which all have a place but in the hands of anyone other than ‘we the people’, these are powerful weapons capable of mass destruction on the human race.

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