Global Syndicate Assassinates Jeffrey Epstein >>


AIRED: 08-11-2019

Epstein was held in a single man cell under close watch. He is the most powerful and valuable arrest since Osama Bin Laden. And, like him, Epstein could not be allowed to live to reveal anything. Even taking fifth amendment protection would incriminate powerful people all the way to former Presidents, British and Arab princes, police, legislators, judges, and military leaders.
This weekend, they assassinated Jeffrey Epstein in his cell.



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This week, Crazy Bernie & Alexandria Ocommunist-Cortez shrieked a battle cry we hoped we would never hear from a government official in this country. Taking a line right out of President Ramaphosa in South Africa, she said that white people were the problem with America. She demanded that Speaker Pelosi end the Congressional vacation and...

AIRED: 08-18-2019

By now, most of you are finally aware that we are at war. Alexandria Ocommunist Cortez publicly called for riots. Cory Booker threatened the President with physical assault. Hollywood Democrat Celebrities smile and tell the world they fantasize about blowing up the White House, beheading the President, and the assassination of the First Family. Harris...

AIRED: 08-04-2019

They leaped, spewing their acid in the worst press conference I ever heard. I thought it was going to melt the carpet in my truck. They drew their knives and carved away. The President’s feint worked perfectly. Every single one of the Democrat candidates hoisted the Fraud Squad over their heads like heroes. But the...

AIRED: 07-21-2019

History is written by the victors. You know that. The losers don’t have access to the printing presses, or the libraries, or for that matter to the internet anymore. The world has been ruled not by law, but by tyrants for thousands of years. Until America was founded. That declaration of independence was only possible...

AIRED: 07-14-2019

Does A,I, have soul? A heart? Would you believe there are forces on Earth who are sending data back to the past? Who decides what data gets sent back? Who gets to benefit from this data? Hillary Raimo is a brilliant and creative intellect with experience in digital currency, information technology, She is an artist,...

AIRED: 07-07-2019

So, now you know the truth about Kamala Harris? She is an anchor baby, not born to American citizens. She was not bused in California. She went to school from the 3rd grade until graduating high school in Canada. She is not black. She slept her way into politics, and cheated her way into Barbara...

AIRED: 06-30-2019