Global Syndicate Assassinates Jeffrey Epstein >>


AIRED: 08-11-2019

Epstein was held in a single man cell under close watch. He is the most powerful and valuable arrest since Osama Bin Laden. And, like him, Epstein could not be allowed to live to reveal anything. Even taking fifth amendment protection would incriminate powerful people all the way to former Presidents, British and Arab princes, police, legislators, judges, and military leaders.
This weekend, they assassinated Jeffrey Epstein in his cell.


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Since 1999 Tracey Ash has dedicated to new frontier consciousness revolution. Her unshakable global service and contribution is in raising the consciousness of the planet. This formidable service to personal and collective evolution and revolution is ramping-up as we are sacred-called to mobilize, to save humanity and earth. She is a warrior and creator of...

AIRED: 09-08-2019

The small size of cubesats presents challenges for adding propulsion. Many conventional thrusters are too bulky and heavy to fit within the size and mass constraints of cubesats. They hitch rides on someone else’s rocket into orbit. Electric propulsion may offer a solution. New electric thruster systems can increasingly fit into cubesat form factors and...

AIRED: 09-01-2019

The Flores Agreement has been ended. This closes a decades-old magnet that has come to a crescendo mass migration as millions of foreign citizens try to game the farcical US immigration system. Up until now, people could cross the border illegally with a child–anyone’s child–and turn themselves in to authorities. After 20 days, they would...

AIRED: 08-25-2019

This week, Crazy Bernie & Alexandria Ocommunist-Cortez shrieked a battle cry we hoped we would never hear from a government official in this country. Taking a line right out of President Ramaphosa in South Africa, she said that white people were the problem with America. She demanded that Speaker Pelosi end the Congressional vacation and...

AIRED: 08-18-2019

By now, most of you are finally aware that we are at war. Alexandria Ocommunist Cortez publicly called for riots. Cory Booker threatened the President with physical assault. Hollywood Democrat Celebrities smile and tell the world they fantasize about blowing up the White House, beheading the President, and the assassination of the First Family. Harris...

AIRED: 08-04-2019

They leaped, spewing their acid in the worst press conference I ever heard. I thought it was going to melt the carpet in my truck. They drew their knives and carved away. The President’s feint worked perfectly. Every single one of the Democrat candidates hoisted the Fraud Squad over their heads like heroes. But the...

AIRED: 07-21-2019