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AIRED: 01-20-2022

Sarge opens the show by covering the Germ Theory vs the Terrain Theory of disease. Basically ‘vaccinate the fish’ or ‘clean the tank’! He then moves on to vaccines / injections and the havoc they have been causing for over 100 years and are culminating with the Covid-19 Bio-Weapons of today. He plays video clips covering the points brought up. Finally a look at the issue of Donald Trump’s still promoting the injections and whether he’s being played or paid. Check the Telegram channel for links to the videos dealing with these issues!


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Sarge opens the show by discussing the recent school shooting in Texas, the reason we have so many mental health issues in this day and age – nutrient deficiencies! Sarge also discusses home schooling, his time as a Christian school teacher and covers other items in the news like MoneyPox (the ‘K’ is silent)! ...

AIRED: 05-26-2022

Sarge spends the show talking about the coming hard times. He plays portions of Dr. Wallach’s, “Somebody Should Go To Jail” which spells out the poor state of American health and why so many babies are now dependent upon special formulas to survive. He discusses preparing via food preservation techniques, sprouting, dehydrating, canning, and more....

AIRED: 05-19-2022

Sarge opens the show and discusses the recent mass shooting / false flags and the fact that everyone who is concerned about their health should be prepared to defend themselves at a moment’s notice no matter where they are, be it church, school, the grocery store or a public park, etc! He goes on to...

AIRED: 05-17-2022

Sarge opens the show by covering the situation with global food shortages including the shortage of baby formula in the U.S. He plays a clip of MTG in congress putting the situation of Billion$ for Ukraine when there’s no formula for American babies. Sarge covers the situation in Florida a few days ago where a...

AIRED: 05-12-2022

Sarge opens the show by discussing how the supply chain disruptions are now effecting baby formula and parents’ ability to obtain food for their infant children. The need for these cans of chemicals disguised as nutrition is a direct result of idiot M.D. (OBGYNs) giving pregnant women pharmaceutical prenatal vitamins that are basically worthless because...

AIRED: 05-10-2022