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AIRED: 01-27-2018

Another instant classic tonight, In the first half hour Ra talks of a mysterious encounter that happened in Sturno, Italy in 1977 that involved a Giant Humanoid with glowing eyes. Ra also talks of the Aeon of Horus and also what the cross and crucifixion really represent and what the Sleep of Siloam is. Than after the break Ra brings on Gary Wayne for The King Og Trilogy. After several minutes of connection issues ….everything worked out finally and this show definitely is worth listening to the entire 2 hours,and bring your notebook as Gary Wayne goes thru the various bloodlines that are competing for the title of Antichrist, the double cross meanings and so much more!!!! We discuss the creation of A moonchild and ancient Babalon magick as the Nephillim try to preserve there bloodline by creating a moonchild. They discuss Mot, Baal, The scarlet Giant woman Lestha used as the Mother of abominations and so much more!!! Up until the last second of the show Gary and Ra bring intriguing info that leaves you wanting more and hanging on the edge of your seat!!


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Did the Nephilim receive premonitions of their demise? Ra Castaldo and special guest Gary Wayne discuss the Book of Giants, the Book of Enoch, the Holy Bible and so much more that discuss this incredible topic! some of the best radio you can possibly hear on this subject on the planet!!!! ...

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Back after a few weeks off for Summer Vacation, Ra Castaldo host, author, spiritual warrior and creator of healing products brings back long-time guest and colleague, Mr. Gary Wayne of Genesis 6 Conspiracy. Gary is a researcher, author and Christian Contrarian, creator of Genesis 6 Conspiracy. Tonight’s show is simply mind-blowing, action packed with so...

AIRED: 08-27-2022