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Nov 22, 2013

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According to this just released interview with Arnie Gundersen and Harvery Wasserman, Fukushima is ‘an Apocalypse in Progress’, stated by Wasserman at the 28:15 into the video. With the removal of Fukushima #4′s fuel rods now in progress, the unit #4 fuel pool can turn into a nuclear reaction as they pull the rods up… leading to possibility of having to evacuate the West coast of the United States in a ‘worst case’ situation.
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at 28:15 into the video, Wasserman states Fukushima is an apocalypse in progress.
Gundersen: Unit 4 pool can turn into a nuclear reactor as they pull rods up — Bloomberg: Like a “self-sustained chain reaction similar to meltdowns” — NHK: Fuel is 1% plutonium (VIDEO)
Green Power And Wellness — 11/18/13 They wrote:
fukushima-apocalypse-arnie-gunderson-gordon-wasserman-nuclear-plant-fuel-rods-decommision-truth-frequency-radio-chris-geo-sheree-geo-alternative-media-news-informationFUKUSHIMA and the fall of nuclear power with ARNIE GUNDERSEN and MICHAEL MARIOTTE fill this riveting hour as we get to the bottom of the Unit Four fuel pool. A long-time nuclear engineer, Arnie explains at much of the only reliable technical information about what’s happening at Fukushima. Executive Director of the Nuclear Information & Resource Service since shortly after Chernobyl, Michael sorts through the realities of reactor operations and waste management at If you are at all concerned about our global future, don’t miss this show…

Fairewinds chief engineer Arnie Gundersen interviewed by Prof. Harvey Wasserman, Nov. 18, 2013 (at 22:00 in): The boron between the nuclear fuel has disintegrated. It was never designed for the temperatures it’s seen and it was never designed for saltwater. So there’s no assurance that you’ve got boron neutron absorbers between the nuclear fuel rods. So you’ve got what we call an inadvertent criticality — you’ve got the chance of the nuclear fuel pool becoming a nuclear reactor when it didn’t want to be, as they pull these rods out. So they have to be extraordinarily careful that they dont snap a rod and extraordinarily careful that as they’re pulling these rods, that the dont get an inadvertent criticality.

Bloomberg, Nov. 18, 2013: Were the rods [in the Unit 4 pool] to break or overheat, it could prompt a self-sustained nuclear chain reaction similar to the meltdowns at three Fukushima reactors.

NHK WORLD, Nov. 18, 2013: Spent fuel contains about one percent plutonium by weight. The spent fuel units at the No.4 reactor building have been in the storage pool for at least 3 years. Each is said to have up to 7,500 trillion becquerels of radioactivity. Because of this, the units are stored in water that can block radiation.

fukushima-apocalypse-arnie-gunderson-gordon-wasserman-nuclear-plant-fuel-rods-decommision-truth-frequency-radio-chris-geo-sheree-geo-alternative-media-news-informationLet’s talk about Spent Fuel Pool at reactor number 4

FUKUSHIMA bent pool fool trick
do you believe THIS
Fukushima nuclear plant – Two Flyovers shot in high definition
Transfer of Fuel Assemblies to the Cask inside Reactor 4 SFP at Fukushima I NPP (11/18/2013)
Published on Nov 18, 2013
TEPCO started removing fuel assemblies stored in Reactor 4 Spent Fuel Pool on November 18, 2013. 4 unused (new) assemblies containing about 60 fuel rods each were removed to the cask by 6:45PM.
The work continues on November 19, 2013, and TEPCO hopes to load the cask with 22 unused (new) fuel assemblies before the cask is lowered by the gantry crane to the ground.
fukushima-apocalypse-arnie-gunderson-gordon-wasserman-nuclear-plant-fuel-rods-decommision-truth-frequency-radio-chris-geo-sheree-geo-alternative-media-news-informationRemoval of fuel assemblies in SFP4 is to continue for a year.
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Fukushima Unit 4 hoax underway
Published on Nov 18, 2013 by Hatrick Penry

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Fukushima Reactor 4 Fuel Removal Death Watch
a great argument by BeautifulGirlByDana who has been doing nightly broadcasts since October 25, 2013 and the last BIG earthquake off the coast of Fukushima Japan.
Please join in the chat room for his live broadcasts every night and ask questions.…
Streamed live on Nov 18, 2013