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AIRED: 04-04-2018

Welcome back to another KBS! In this episode its just me flying solo, opening up with the latest on the Russia nerve-agent debacle that is unfolding right now. I have stated from the start that nothing about the official narrative around the alleged nerve-agent poisoning of ex-KGB agent Sergei Skripal & his daughter Yulia made any sense whatsoever. Now, as i covered last night, the scientists at Porton Down are admitting that they have found no evidence linking the attack to Russia, yet the UK goverment are continuing to perpetrate the lie that Putin done it!
Then for the majority of the show i play excerpts from a recent special report i recorded with Ole Dammegard all to do with false flag events. We bring up the nerve-agent story and Ole gets into his research of these events. The interview in its entirety can be found on my website (link below). Ole gets into how we need to “break the spell” that the media and the people running the false flags have cast on the public for years.
To round of the show i talk about a recent article in which scientists are talking about spraying a “sunshade” over the planet via solar radiation management projects – or as they are otherwise more commonly referred to as CHEMTRAILS! Remember not so long ago these same “experts” would call us all crazy for even daring to question the lines being left in the sky over our heads? What a difference a couple of years makes with them admitting, if you read between the lines, that these operations have been going on for some time now. Its even said that if they were to stop geo-engineering right now, today, it would take the environment 70 years to bounce back. 70 YEARS!
I hope you all enjoy this episode of KBS & lots more solo shows on the way.


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