AIRED: 12-10-2017

Today’s guest, Russell “Tex” Bentley describes life in war-time on the Front Lines of the Donetsk People’s Republic, formerly Eastern Ukraine. Western media has gone stone silent on the disastrous Maidan Coup, which has morphed into a Hot War between Kiev and Russian-speaking people of the East. While Crimea seceded outright, Tex tells how the Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk have elected their own Parliaments and Presidents. Food and heat are plentiful. Restaurants fill up every night. Internet access is mostly stable, and “porsches drive on the roads,” as refugees return to Donbass from Russia, once again a region of 1 MILLION people. While Washington’s clowns in Kiev are reviled for massive corruption schemes, life in war-time Donbass and Lugansk is really quite good. Tex talks candidly about the primary motivation to fight the Neo-Nazi fascists in Kiev. He warns about ISIS fighters evacuated from Syria now fighting for Kiev. And Tex strongly warns the Trump Administration not to test Russian President Putin’s red line opposition to any major offensive to overtake Donetsk and Lugansk, as it would guarantee a Russian military response, which Eastern Ukrainians would be ecstatic to welcome. From the standpoint of the West, Ukraine is lost. And Washington chose the wrong side. What comes next? Independence or submegence with Russia? Whatever, Tex swears that Eastern Ukraine won’t stop fighting until the Nazis of Kiev are blown out of Kiev! Tex proves again why he’s THE best source for Truth! We’ll get him back soon!


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AIRED: 01-17-2021

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AIRED: 01-10-2021

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AIRED: 01-03-2021

Friends, America has got to fight for our Constitution TODAY. Most important, all of us need to email State Legislators & demand they strike fraudulent votes & recertify their elections with correct results. THREE States will carry Trump over the top. ARIZONA GEORGIA PENN

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