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Apr 25, 2015

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(ATLANTA) An Atlanta teenager is hospitalized with burns covering 70 per cent of his body after two other teens attacked him with a pot of boiling rice while he was sleeping.

Damon Clay, 17, is in a medically induced coma in critical condition at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta after Monday’s attack.

Officers have arrested 19-year-old Quintavious Barber and 18-year-old Malik Morton for aggravated assault and cruelty to a child, among other charges.

Relatives of the scalded victim said the two men accused him of stealing a PlayStation 3. Neighbors say the three teens were friends.

‘They were friends. Everybody was supposed to be friends,’ neighbor Laprell Grant told WSBTV.

Kentaveus Watson, who is renting the apartment where the incident happened, said that he is friends with everyone who was involved in the attack and he’s still shocked by the events that occurred.

‘It scared me, really. Ever since it happened, I’ve been sleeping on the couch right where he got burned,’ he said.

Clay had been in jail for a burglary and was just released on a three-month program offered by a nonprofit in the area.

He was promised shelter and guidance by a minister in the program, but family members who did not want to be named said that that was not the case.

‘He didn’t have any supervision, none,’ Clay’s aunt told WSBTV.

Clay did not go to a group home for shelter, but rather bounced from home to home of relatives and friends who were willing to take him in, family members said.

‘I’d rather my nephew be in jail than to be here,’ the aunt told WSBTV.