AIRED: 01-14-2018

In a huge blow to the Feds, a decade of judicial harassment against rancher, Cliven Bundy and his sons crashed to a close this week. A Federal Judge in Nevada dismissed all criminal charges against the Bundys, citing massive prosecutorial misconduct and hiding evidence from the Defense. Fabulous Cyrellis Gehbendach from the Liberty Community in Montana delivers a stunning lesson on the larger issues of how globalist politics has resulted in federal land seizures,and selling off mineral rights to China, Russia and other U.S creditors. Cyrellis casts stunning light on conflicts in Ukraine, Russia and North Korea from the standpoint of the Obama Administration’s disastrous palming of U.S uranium, as a primary example of massive corruption. Globalists are systematically destroying U.S sovereignty and control over own resources. We’re fighting what she calls “Manufactured authority” whereby self-proclaimed Elites justify their imposition of policy opposed by populist movements. What’s so striking is how it failed against the Bundys. Despite a massive psy-op bussing jurors from Secret Locations with helicopters flying overhead, none of it worked. The people’s eyes are opened. It’s a great interview!


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