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AIRED: 10-25-2022

Zack’s back!! No More lack!! He fills us in on all the amazing adventures that were had by all at Flatoberfest this past weekend, bringing grins all around. We hear some stirrings for the tenacity of the origin place of the Fest, thanx to a Shriner….here’s hoping.

–Can we get some love for THE guy, Freddie himself, MR. Espenak, the man who is single-handedly tracking the portents cast ‘cross our sky??!? What will happen when he is gone? Will the torch be passed? Let us hope, or else who will be prepared to watch the Moon actually float across the sky as it approaches and moves over in front of our Sun, blockin–, er what’s that you say in chat?? Wait, according to Liz and Nora across the Pond, they never actually SAW the moon approaching the Sun? But…I thought…ummmmmm….
–Money shmoney. It’s all BS.
–See all those satellites up there? Yeah, but what if you COULD? Hold on:
–Trav is tripping!! Watch THIS:
–Would you like to hide your personal deets in search engines? See link.


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AIRED: 11-29-2022

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AIRED: 11-22-2022

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AIRED: 11-18-2022

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AIRED: 11-11-2022