Where In The Woo Is The World Going? >>


AIRED: 10-14-2016

Its full woo all the way from the get-go! Join us for a conversation that spans the expanses of the universe, touching on where we come from and where the planet & mankind is heading. We go over the bloodlines that have held onto power across the ages & used the occult knowledge & money to attain power, and enables them to control the masses.

In this age of high technology we question how much input a fully sentient A.I. may or may not be having on everything that is unfolding around us. Could it be that they have created their digital anti-christ?

We are living under a vast conspiracy that is using magic against us, and its nothing new!

There are callers along the way that discuss earth changes & Albert Pikes vision of WW3 playing out in real time as we speak…

Then to round of its into the FREAKY FRIDAY HELMET for some random topics including super powers & more!

website: www.kevbakershow.com

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