CERN 3,6,9: Revealing The Truth & Electric Connections >>


AIRED: 04-24-2015

CERN 3,6 & 9: Revealing The Real Purpose Of CERN & The Timeline…

Tonight on FREAKY FRIDAY……
CERN 3,6 & 9!

Author Anthony Patch returns to join The Woo Crew from Midnight in the UK to bring up episode 3 in our recent CERN series, and this is going to not only take it to the next level, but to another dimension! Tony has paid the show and Truth Frequency the ultimate compliment by saying that the shows we are doing right now are on the leading edge of this research and disclosure and he will share why he feels this.

Topics tonight include…

Quantum Computing & AI
Shor’s Algorithm
Looking back at ancient connections to CERN technology
CERN’s big goal: Electrical Re-connection with nearby planets, not only Saturn.
Just what is the intended use for all particle accelerators around the planet?
And just why 3, 6 & 9 are so connected to everything going on at CERN and beyond right now and in the coming near future!


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