Blood Moons, Airbus ConCERNs & 9/11 w/Rebekah Roth >>


AIRED: 04-03-2015

This is one Freaky Friday you do not want to miss. Fresh from blowing us away with her show on 9/11 last week, Rebekah returns, this time for Freaky Friday!

The Woo Crew of Joe Joseph​, Popeye Dtrh​, Martin Hardy​, Johnny Whistles​, Red Pill Reports​ JD Moore, Kev Baker​ and maybe more will be taking Rebekah into the realms of the deepest of “WOO”!

On the eve of the third Blood Moon, we will be exploring the more ritualistic aspects of 9/11, the occult, secret societies, upcoming false flags, hidden human origins and more!!


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