AIRED: 10-30-2015

This is the Halloween special on Freaky Friday, and wow, what a trick and a treat this turned out to be! First up the Woo Crew get into all the things that make you go ooooo, and all the things go bump in the night. Its all ghost stories and woo in the first two hours as we prepare you for our very special halloween treat…

In hour 3 we go to our very special guest… Lou from the Gold Fish Report, and all the way from the world of Hollywood Horros comes Mr John Otrin, who starred in Friday The 13th – Part VII – The New Blood. We ask John about his experiences in Hollywood and we get to see the side of the industry not often highlighted in the alternative media – the positive side! Often so many of us hear about the real life horror stories that emerge from L.A., but we rarely hear the good side, until now!

Then we get into reality, the interdimensional nature of it, and more spooky ghostly stories!

Dont get scared, its the mind killer!


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