Sep 03, 2013

The residents in Timpton, TX have experienced two earthquakes, of 4.1 and 4.3 magnitudes respectively early yesterday morning- within 2 hours of each other – and local seismologists are once again blaming them on the Mt. Enterprise Fault Line.

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No injuries or significant damage have been reported so far, but it is interesting that much of the information – about both the earthquakes and the fault line itself have been deleted from the USGS database or something:

Earthquake Report released quotes from frightened residents as far away as Tyler, where I grew up – I have to admit, the quote from there sent a shiver up my spine.

  • Timpson, Texas 75975 – At 4:54 PM we has a sudden loud roaring noise and our entire house shook. Things fell off shelves. It had to be at least a 3.5 or greater. Lasted awhile. Caroline Davis 2336 FM 1970N Timpson,TX 75975
  • Timpson, TX 75975 – We felt a hard shaking that lasted about 15 to 20 seconds. There was a runbling noise, also. Things were falling off the shelves and it was hard to stand up without falling. Caroline Davis 2336 FM 1970 N Timpson, TX 75975
  • Timpson, Texas – Wasn’t too bad, about the same as the few in 2012. A little scary, though.
  • Arcadia – Standing at the kitchen sink, lost my balance, and fell forward against the sink. Felt dizzy. Just lasted a second.
  • timpson – Frightened, holding things on my desk to keep them from falling to the floor.
  • Bossier City, LA – I only felt it because I was sitting very still on my bed, studying. I very much doubt that I would have felt it had I not been sitting completely still.
  • DeBerry, Tx – Made light fixtures swing but nothing fell from shelves.
  • tyler – mild jolt felt at 4:41
  • Liberty City – My daughter and I were upstairs watching TV, when I had a feeling someone had shaken my easy chair. We looked at each other and said “What was that?” at the same time.
  • Chapman, Texas – Light shaking. No noise. Lasted about 10 seconds.
  • Concord – Walls were shaking and there was a rumbling sound. Lasted about a minute. I felt a tingling sensation through my body the entire time as well.
  • Nacogdoches, TX – Duration about 3-5 seconds. If I hadn’t been sitting still I don’t know if I would’ve felt it.
  • Chireno TX – Lsyind down and felt shaking for about 3 to 5 seconds. Have experienced a 7.4 in California
  • Nacogdoches – I was sitting at my desk so I noticed things shaking. My husband was in the house too but did not feel anything. Felt like a large truck driving by.
  • Nacogdoches, Texas – I was sitting on the bed channel surfing, when I felt a light shaking. I assumed it was vibrations from the washing machine.It seemed to end, and within a few seconds, I felt a second group of waves. I went to check and the washer wasn’t running. Later on the local news reported the quake.
  • Appleby , Texas – i was standing next to pond looking at the. water clarity. Heard sudden roaring then noticed strange ripples on water surface. Definately not normal for east texas.
  • cr3261 – Felt more like a blast this time. Vibration rather than swaying. Just felt another, 6:50pm and was swaying feeling and i think lasted less than 10 seconds.
  • Timpson, TX 75975 – At exactly 6:51 PM another earthquake happened here in Timpson, Tx. It didn’t last as long, but the shaking was almost as bad. No rumbling this time. Just things falling that we just picked up and more of my set of crystal broke. Caroline Davis Timpson, TX
  • Carthage, TX – At 4:54 I heard rumbling and popping noises, and the house seemed to tilt as if a hard gust of wind had blown against the back wall. The walls popped and the mini blinds swung away from the window. It lasted for a few seconds. Around 6:52 I felt another one!
  • Nacogdoches – At first I thought maybe it was a truck or machine outside. The blinds and some soda in a bottle were moving. I’ve felt a weak earthquake before and this was very similar. I live on the third floor of my building and that’s where I was when I felt it.
  • Lufkin, tx – Was resting in bed and felt it. Probably wouldn’t have noticed if I was moving around. 3-4 secs
  • Nacogdoches – J’ai cru a un malaise, puis j’ai entendu une fille crier EARTHQUAKE ( tremblement de terre). Je me doutais que c’était un tremblement de terre, mais très léger.
  • Nacogdoches – on 6th story … blinds were moving, and felt a vertigo-type sensation.
  • Bethel – At about 6:50ish I was laying on the couch, my husband at the combuter. It felt like the couch and house was being sharply pushed up and my husbands computer chair was rocked while he was in it.
  • Clayton – It kind of freak us out. I never felt the prior ones in 2012, so this was a new experience for me. And because I haven’t felt one before, I have nothing to compare it too. Mainly I thought that I was dizzy, NOT!
  • Henderson, TX – at approximately 6:52 I was lying down, and felt my home shake very weakly. This lasted around 4 to 5 seconds. During the quake I noticed an interior door in my home that was open, minimally shaking back and forth.
  • Nacogdoches, Texas – I was sitting on the couch, reading a book when the couch start moving side to side. It lasted about 10 seconds probably, felt like longer to me! Happened about 6:50pm. Don’t know if it was another earthquake or an aftershock, felt pretty strong to be an aftershock but I’ve never been in a earthquake before so what do I know.
  • Nacogdoches – My husband and I were in the living room watching tv when it felt like someone was lightly shaking the couch. I looked at him and asked if he felt in then noticed our floor lamp shaking too. What a strange experience! My first earthquake!
  • Nacogdoches – I was sitting in my dorm watching tv. I thought someone was having a party in the room next to me since the bed is against the wall and was shaking terribly.
  • Brachfield, Tx. – Watching TV and the couch and tea glass was shaking as if we were sitting on the washing machine during the spin cycle.
  • Nacogdoches – Felt couch and the floor moving. Then noticed the one story building make rattling noises. Lasted maybe five seconds. I didn’t feel the initial quake but definitely felt the aftershock. Felt like I had vertigo.
  • Appleby, TX – Felt the couch shake and heard dishes rattling in the kitchen. Lasted around 5 seconds. Worse than the ones in 2012.
  • minden, tx – While inside on couch watching tv couch began to shake slowly. Mini blinds shook. Duration about 3 seconds. We did not feel the first one.
  • Timpson, Tx 75975 – The epicenter of both these earthquakes are on the road I live on. Caroline Davis
  • Timpson, tx – Watching tv and heard a loud noise and the house started shaking hard lots of things fell off the wall and the wall looked like it was turning definitely a lot stronger then the 2nd one!!
  • Mount Enterprise – Felt like standing in a boat with lots of waves around is the only description that comes close.
  • Houston – I thought it was just thunder, but it lasted longer than the usual "clap". When I looked outside, the sun was shining.
  • Tyler – Sharp jolt lasting less than 3 seconds followed by light shaking for a few seconds.

Bravo to KSLA for having the journalistic integrity to call this out for what it is:

There have been 11 earthquakes in Shelby County since May of 2012, but what is causing the earthquakes? KSLA News 12 Meteorologist Stephen Parr has been investigating the cause of these quakes for several months now. Back in February, he shared with the Ark-La-Tex the results of a recent study done by the University of Texas. In it, geologists concluded many of the earthquakes in Texas over the past decade are likely man made.
The study says the quakes are caused by injection wells pumping water into fault lines, and lubricating the faults. The USGS is currently investigating the quakes in Shelby County to see if they are related to one or more of the hydraulic injection wells located in and around the Timpson.

Last year, the question of fracking causing earthquakes was brought to the table so often in East Texas, that the local media even put out a story assuring the public that this wasn’t the case. Their reasoning includes the following:

“This is a natural event, it’s on a very large existing fault system that’s called the Mount Enterprise System.”

Well, the fault system can’t be that big if it has almost no information about it online, and limited info on geologic sites.

The last quake we’re told had it’s epicenter, right along the fault line, and the one that occurred Thursday morning just a few miles east, also on the fault line. Also, we’re told last week’s shake up, was called a foreshock.

“A foreshock means the stress was relieved and then there was a larger release after that. So, you might think of it as the beginning, and there might yet be another one.”

Yes, but this can also happen with an underground methane release, with an explosion accompanying the 2nd earthquake, which was what has occurred in times past.

“These are horizontally bedded sediments, at that depth, the rocks are so compressed the only way to get gas and oil out of them is to fracture them. Where those earthquakes are happening is not up here but all the way down in here to an area that’s the upper, very upper most part of the crust where you have crystal and rocks that’s where the earthquakes originate, not up in here.”

Um, yes they have. Today, both earthquakes were approximately 5km deep – pretty shallow by any seismic standard and given the distance across in each quake, would suggest a “puncture wound” of sorts underground going on, not a diffuse pattern like an earthquake would put out.

But that’s assuming that the seismic info from USGS – In cases where it’s still being reflected by websites who are still showing it in their own databases – is correct in the first place on the diffusion pattern, since it was reportedly felt over 80 miles away. Also evidence of a possible cover-up lies in the fact that although the fracking chart shows a Mineral Rights Pooling Agreements area close to the site of the quakes, no actual fracking sites are seen in the area. Could a company be trying to cover up a project that injected more than the usual 8,000 feet and didn’t want the pesky government agencies like the EPA finding out, so they’ve covered up the 11 earthquakes with this measly little fault line they’re suddenly claiming is the Texas equivalent of the San Andreas? Thanks to “Jimsplace”, my questions were (somewhat) answered:

So, maybe an illegal injection well in the area would do it?

Comments by other users – who possess the same East Texan skepticism the author here was raised in – hinted at their own doubts about just how safe these large-scale fracking projects are in the area:

That being said, Josh Fox’s Gasland website seems to make some pretty good arguments for fracking being the cause of earthquakes:

Fracking has been proven to cause earthquakes, directly and indirectly. The National Research Council settled the debate about indirect cause with a comprehensive study in 2012. The study concluded that the greatest risk of earthquakes does not come from drilling or fracking but from pumping the wastewater from fracking into deep rock reservoirs. Such wastewater injection was blamed for earthquakes that occurred in Youngstown, Ohio, on Christmas Eve and on New Year’s Eve 2012, measuring 2.7 and 4.0 on the Richter scale, respectively. The British Columbia Oil and Gas Commission concluded that fracking itself directly caused seismicity in the Horn River shale play, and that those earthquakes damaged underground well structures.

What I believe happened yesterday morning in sleepy East Texas is that a fracking company somewhere “blew a vein” while performing an initial “push” of the fracking fluid in the area or while doing a well injection, and what I’m afraid is gonna happen is this problem is only going to get worse from here on out. They need a sincere, independent investigation on these earthquakes in the area before sinkholes start popping up.