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Nov 06, 2013

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A German Shepherd called Chance is living up to his name.

Chance was found in a too-small kennel outside of a house in Bradford, England, with no food or water, according to BBC News. Even after the local RSPCA took him away from his former owners, his mistreatment left him with defensiveness issues that made his chances of adoption slim.

But that just meant his true calling was still waiting for him.

“One of the police dog handlers was visiting the RSPCA kennels in Tingley and they asked about Chance,” PC Mick Kilburn said, according to the Bradford Telegraph & Argus. “It was agreed that we would assess him. He immediately demonstrated some of the raw ability needed to become a general-purpose police dog.”

Chance was recruited from the kennels — a rare occurrence, according to the BBC — and assigned to Kilburn, whose K-9 partner was due to retire. He then passed an intensive 10-week training program and became an official police dog last Friday, the Yorkshire Post reported.

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